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  1. love it, never drove a pickup in my entire life. Wish I had a use case for one.
  2. I find it hard to make good use of a car besides fuel economy. Hell this truck is getting close to the same average fuel economy on the highway that I got on my Astra in mixed driving. I usually shift pretty early with this truck though.
  3. Love those wheels
  4. lih, KDM
  5. Put the new tow mounts on today, and also the flares to offset the rim backspacing. I was going to paint the flares to match the paint, but #$%# it; Black looks good!. Just got to paint all the chrome bits now.
  6. goodyear wrangler duratrac
  7. Congrats you can read.
  8. ^keep em black

    Anyone know of a European car importer that will import to Canada? I can't seem to find anything... well, I found one, but they apparently don't import to North America at all anymore.
  9. I'd keep the black.

    Also, a high res of the avatar?
  10. I am keeping the black.
  11. Right click, set as wallpaper.
  12. Tell Gerry and Colin I sent you.
  13. I installed my AEM series 2 in my car yesterday. Got her to Idle finally. Now I get to auto-tune. ...this is not my built engine, this is my stock one. I would in no way be doing this on my built engine.
  14. Tell Gerry and Colin I sent you.
  15. Do Gerry and Colin know Walperstyle?
  16. It doesn't matter, just tell them I sent you.
  17. I don't know how to take screenshots with my phone, and I'm not sure if Torque logs these things in a way that's easily presentable, but I nailed a 7.015 0-60 the other day. Not bad for just mashing the gas pedal. It also gave a reading of 276.6 horsepowers, which seems about right.
  18. Try lock screen + volume down? If youre using android. It works for my galaxy nexus. Tell Gerry and Colin I sent you.
  19. Hey would Gerry or Colin know Raul by chance? Im interested in possibly importing 3 Memphis 15's
  20. Sweet bro

    There is an option on Torque to share a screen shot. Which is how I posted mine.

    Tell Gerry and Colin I sent you.
  21. LOL!
  22. Their contact system on their website is all gimped right now. Kind of like this place! I'll try again later. Thanks

    edit: tried it again, it's messed. Dont' suppose you know any other way to contact them (like email)?

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