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  1. Why not IPD HD turbo control valve?
  2. It's overpriced. Delco makes the same thing for like $20.

    I'm just looking to increase boost by a few pounds and a new TCV will only maintain the boost set by the ECU.
  3. New TPS is on. The old one was quite entertaining to take off, as you can see. I was told you could take the bolts off by using a saw blade and making a groove and then just use a flathead to take them out. While this is true, the problem is that you would have to either a super tiny flat head and small hands, or take off the intake and the throttle body as well. This looked like way too much work.

    Pictured is the aftermath, along with a broken drill bit. The new Ktuned works well so far, however it did not eliminate my CEL which has me concerned...

    edit: I don't know what Honda was thinking when using the bolts that they did. I am glad the aftermarket one came with ones that could be loosened/tightened with an alan key
  4. Honda was thinking special service tool for you to buy or if not, you have to come back to dealer for service.
  5. You're probably right.

    Anyway! 3 inches of awesome. Gutted cat. I dunno if I wanna throw it on just yet, it may be way too loud... I may wait till I get some forced induction going to quiet it down? Just picked it up!
  6. ughh glad i don't live near people like you.

    that must sound absolutely terrible / annoying as hell.
  8. hahah well at least it still has the cat on it. I haven't installed it yet. When I had my 3'' canon with a cat on my turbo 240, that thing was QUIET. Compare that to my friends similarly outfitted 240 with no cat, which was insanely loud. Now here is my question: I know turbo kits silence the exhaust, but do super chargers do the same?
  9. I don't see how they could.
  10. I find the concept of gutted cats to be kind of douchey. I like cars, but I also like being able to breathe the air, and you're not gonna feel the difference in power.
  11. my new exhaust doesn't even have a cat

    take that, earth
  12. agree. assholes.
  13. Ya well I bought it that way. If it's super loud and lame, maybe I'll throw a resonator on.

    edit: I'd rather keep air fresh too, but a 3'' full exhaust for $100 was hard to argue.

    edit 2: anyone used high flow cats before? If this is super bad, I could swap on an oem cat but I'd imagine they are expensive...

    edit 3: I just realized, I already have an oem cat on my oem exhaust, lol. I could just throw that on, right?
  14. could have kept it as is for free tho lol
  15. I was at the Volvo dealer and overheard one of the techs pricing a cat replacement for a customer.

  16. Now where's the fun in that? The car is way too short on power as is, and this will be critical for power for whatever forced induction route I go.
  17. excuse me
  22. it's even worse trying to drive with one of those on your car

    for normal day to day driving they are absolutely awful
  23. yeah, every time i hear one of those exhausts i always think "at least i only get to listen to it for a few seconds. poor guy has to listen to that every day".
  24. its just so god damn annoying.

  25. 3" is big for that motor without turbo/super. It will be stupidly loud with a hollow cat, the kind of loud that drones at idle lol. I know a guy with a similar setup, hollow cat on his RSX and it's very loud. If you throw your OEM cat in there, that's also kinda pointless because you're putting a used cat with what 150,000km or so on it with that 3" system? My only experience with aftermarket cats is that they failed emissions testing here in Ontario, not sure how your laws differ. Then again, there are more brands out there thankfully. The cat I mention are the shitty ones from Canadian Tire, Magnaflow 'high flow' for like $150 lol. No wonder they fail, OEM ones are $400 or something

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