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  1. Explain.
  2. Headlights in.
  3. maybe you should look into a new front bumper cause damn.
  4. Much better.
  6. if the car hasn't been taken care of there will be catastrophic repair costs.

    check to see that all the servicing is up to date and the belts have been recently done.

    check the compression in the engine. they have a terrible habbit of having bad compression in cylinders 1 or 2 due to bad rings.
  7. goin on safari?
  8. Night runs on the Dragon. US 129 is completely unlit. Nearly went off the side the first night about two miles in. Should have GoPro video of it soon.
  9. ^ looks better than I thought it would. Is it not uncommon to have Police on that road?
  10. I was gonna post this in the Nissan thread, but these threads are funner. Anyway, it's nice to be back in a rwd coupe. Hopefully I can register it tomorrow.

    148XXX km's
  11. 16 grand eh. How much did you get trading?
  12. You were looking at that one too eh? I weasled it down to 15. Didn't trade. RSX needs to go, now. Can't afford to keep both.
  13. Very common, I only got pulled once this go round.

    I was approaching from the TN side of 129, and I came across a Sentra doing 35 in a 40. I did not want to be stuck behind someone already going that slow on an arrow straight, for the next 30 minutes with all those curves. So as soon as it was legal to pass, I did so. I guess I got on it too much, because as I merged back, the road turned slightly and I was faced with the guy below sitting on the left shoulder. He flipped on his lights and ordered me to pull over.

    In the end all I got from Blount County TN was a warning ticket for doing 65 in a 40.
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    And shameless plug, my car is up for Photo of the Week, vote for it please:
  15. Nah, I just went and checked kijiji for a red G35 with that mileage. I can't justify spending over 10grand on any vehicle past 100k.
  16. Even the 2003's with 170+ on them go for at least 11 grand (6 speeds)

    Edit: Ontario ones are cheap, but for good reason.
  17. Yeah rust.
  18. Made Killboy's highlight album.

    Never noticed the motorcycle cop behind me, lol.
  19. Looking nice, bro. I just hit 60k on my G37, so changing out all the fluids, new drive belt, and PVC valve. Also going to replace my break pads and get my rotors turned.

    I love those rims on that generation G35s.
  20. Hey man, when you bought your G (or your Z if it's the same design) how in the world did you get the license plate bolts out??? As you can see in the pic, a previous owner clearly tried and failed (badly bent). All all over the plate are scratch marks and one of the bolts has been so chewed up that someone had to create a groove in it for a flat head. I tried my luck today for a good HOUR and couldn't get them out. I looked online and there are lot's of threads on this, but with no real answers other than cutting the bolts in half, or taking it to the dealer. I might do the latter tomorrow if I can't figure it out as embarrassing as that may be. I need to get that plate back to the original owner + don't wanna be driving on plate that isn't registered to me. It's so smart of a design it's stupid. It should just take a screw driver like every other car. Anyway, while transferring over stuff from the rsx to the g, I ran across this weird thing in the trunk. What is it? It say's something about voice technology on it, and has some kind of heat sink underneath of it? Is that for the wireless phone thing?

    And yes, I absolutely love these wheels. If I bought an older G35, those wheels would have been a must have. I'm debating whether I keep them as summers (2 month old all seasons on them) or if I should use them as awesome winter wheels. Also, the driver window goes up but as soon as it hits the top it goes back down. Is this a common problem, or just a mis-adjustment of the window?

    Thanks in advance. I haven't really had much of a chance to drive it yet due to registration, and it's overdue for an oil change so I don't want to go too hard on it yet.
  21. Was the photographer in a car ahead? Or off on the road somewhere?
  22. He sets up on one of the pull-offs.
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    On my car, the little clips that the screws are supposed to go in were missing altogether. When I bought it they just gave me new ones.

    Not sure about the thing in the trunk, tbh.

    Your window needs to be reprogrammed. Either the battery had recently died, or the window motor itself was replaced, I actually had that issue with my G37. Here is the link:
  24. Got rid of the 35's as they were rubbing too much. Went with 295/70R17 Toyo Open Country MT's. I also took my bumpers in to a local fab shop and got the chrome bits powder coated 55% gloss/flat black.
  25. love it

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