The next Luke Longnecker (well maybe)

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    He thinks the Obama is turning the U.S. gay.
  2. Hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but i make podcasts, so listen maybe
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  4. Although I share his views somewhat, that kid is probably a homersexual.
  5. Lol
  6. What views do you share w/ him?
  7. Its alright
    its ok
    theres something to live for
    jesus told me so
  8. about homosexuals
  9. Lol. RemiLaTonne is such a #$%#ing oaf
  10. do you think gayz shouldnt be in the military lolz?
  11. A West Virginia-based....
  12. his enlglish is shit
    americans fine but
  13. Weight lifting in the gym with those men seems gay.
  14. Lol idiot
  15. Yep
  16. What do you think about homosexuality? Elobarate
  18. i blame straight people for making fAgz

    its just not natural!
  19. even looks like him, somewhat
  20. do you think it's a choice?
  21. One day I get tired of woman becaurse is only complain and menstruate all the time, spend my yuan on counterfeit Mr.Fong product to look shiny.

    So I choose to be gay but is not working. Why? All this jesus person tell me shourld work becaurse is choice.

    Maybe this little America #%[email protected] "Caiden Cowger" shourld learn from Martin Ssempa, he is have much better message and presentatiorn. Now his propaganda broadcast only make me want to make forced love inside his throat until those little horse teeth fall out. And not out of love, is a dominance thing.

    And then send his scrawny confused ass to Iran where they share view about homosexuality person.

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