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  1. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    The previous owner was asking $4300 (Canadian) and we agreed upon $3800.


    - only 177,000 km's (most of simular year have 230k+)
    - the paint save for the front left fender is in great shape
    - brand new windshield
    - brand new brake calipers (all four)
    - brand new struts (all four)
    - car is basically stock aside from the above mentioned replacement pieces


    - no audio at all, and broken antenna
    - black fuzzy seat covers (chewed up seats under them)
    - typical wear and tear (steering wheel, pedals, fabrics)
    - rear tires need replacing
    - stupid blue sprayed bits in the interior
    - broken drivers side windshield wiper
  2. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    So the site is being harsh otherwise I'd upload some more. Anyways hopefully I will get some more pics later.
  3. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Congrats man.

    You have any plans for it or are you just looking for a clean stock daily driver?

    Enjoy it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    I can't believe how much these cars sell for in such condition.
  5. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    SR20DET now
  6. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    -Brake pads/rotors/lines
    -VLSD (or a spiffy 1.5 or 2 way)
    -Z32 or S14 5-lug swap
    -Wheels (Low offset! something from +0-+20. Don't go much higher than that, or else it will look awful!)
    -Roll/pull fenders
    -OEM Aero
    -2.5 in" exhaust from your local muffler shop

    ^Fun car!
  7. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    3800 bucks? holy #$%# guy
  8. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    It's 240flation.
  9. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Most 240's here like I said have around 230+ km's on them and are loaded with rust. This one doesn't have rust anywhere including under the spoiler, the most common area. It doesn't have an SR, but the car is bone stock. One's with SR's go for around 9g's here <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>, and most of them have chasis's with 230+ on them as well. I've only ever seen one other S13 hatch with simular km's on it and it sold within a 6 hour period from when it was posted online. With this car there were several potential buyers, even out of towners.

    Anyways, I originally wanted to spray it blue and do an S15 front end, but the cost of that is killer. In addition, the paint is in pretty good shape so I'll most likely go for factory areo upgrade (RPS13 pieces) and leave the paint as is. SR20DET for sure, when I get the cash anyways. Regarding 5 bolt conversion, it may be a good idea. My brother has a 4 bolt '03 Lancer and its hard neough to find stuff that works for it. One question though: What is offset? I've heard the term several times.

    WCW: Ya, clean DD
  10. So I just bought a '92 240SX
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    So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Shine Auto Project just made a knockoff of the SexyStyle kit you just posted; a cheap kit with relatively good fitment exists.

    Regarding offset,

    I recommend checking though EVERY SINGLE PAGE of this thread to see what wheel fitment has become in the 240 world -->

    Check the later pages, for there are specifications for how they achieved such amazing fitment.

    You should probably sign yourself onto They are kinda sticklers for the rules, but if you can get past formalities, search when you need to find something, and contribute, then they'll be happy to help. I've looked at other 240 forums, and they don't compare in the least bit.

    Good luck and have fun!
  12. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    My friend put in an SR20 a few months ago and he just brought it down to FL last week. Man that thing is fun. A lot quicker than I thought it would be. Make sure you get a good BOV. He has a TurboXS RFL BOV and it screws around with his idle sometimes. Do your research.
  13. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    My guess is because it's an atmospheric BOV. When it engages, all that air is let out and the engine doesn't quite know what to do and the fuel level stays the same. Therefore, the idle is going to bog because of all that gas with no air to mix. This happened to mine (I had an SR20 with a Greddy Type-RS BOV). You can recirculate the BOV, which may solve the problem, however proper tuning is the right way to remedy the problem.
  14. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Like 5 years ago I sold my '91 240SX with less miles and in as good of shape for $2,000 and that was in Alaska where cars are typically more expensive due to there being nothing up there. Though, mine was auto and the rear diff was going out. But still, crazy how much cars like this have increased in price. But congrats.
  15. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    You got ripped.
  16. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Tru that. He got offered a full tune for $600 that will only bump him up a few HP but it will completely bring his motor back to life and solve the BOV problem. He said he's going to do it so he'll be set in the long run.
  17. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Thanks for the advice guys. And if any of you think I got ripped, don't forget, Canadian prices are way higher than American. A C6 Zo6 goes for $73k usd., and $103k cdn. A '95-99 Eclipse GS-T goes from anywhere from $9-15k. A E36 M3 with average mileage on it goes for about $23k. An E46 M3 can command in excess of $50k. I'd say I got a decent price, but I would have liked to get maybe a couple hundred off.
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    So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Thanks man, that thread seems to be full of great pictures too. I will investigate more later, seeing how it's 4am here.

    On a side note, I was looking into a 3rd generation Eclipse, and went online only to find idiots all over the main Eclipse forums. I figured that typical attitude wood have stayed within the 2nd generation community.

    I also looked into a second gen eclipse RS with a turbo, with a rebuilt motor. I did more investigation in the car and turns out that the car was sold a year ago by some scam artist then another guy who was banned off of the forums and now this guy had it. Basically, it was to sketchy to pursue. I was also looking into a '03 Galant GTZ but the guy never got back to me. There was also an E36 M3 going for only $14g, but it had over 200k km's on it. In addition, I ran across a claimed 400hp '95 3000gt VR4 going for only $15, while most VR4's were going for $25+, so I didn't bother with that one either. It's been a 3 month search, checking websites 3x a day.
  19. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Shut up and buy my S15 front end!

    If you want to be clean, you can go with OEM aero, or companies like Version Select and Origin make very clean kits, but are hit and miss when it comes to fitment. Sexy Style are nice too.

    As for 5lug... If your working on a budget, Ichiba 5lug conversion is cheap and good, but not the best. Depending on where you look for S14 parts for the conversion, you could end up spending more than you need to. Ichiba conversion runs around $400 I believe... as oppose to $800+ for Peak Performance.

    But again... shut up and buy my front end and live my dream! I wish I weren't so power hungry or I would keep my 240, but with the R33 I can focus on power upgrades.
  20. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    I disagree with having an S15 front end. In my honest opinion, it's a waste of money, which could be going towards performance oriented parts.

    Start with footwork!
  21. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    If I had more cash I'd go S15 haha but that would add alot more G's to the end budget... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>. RPS13 tails for sure though. But S15 front end is beyond awesome...but...$$$...but...ahhh

  22. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Kouki tails are really, really cool looking. S15 front ends only look right on fastbacks if you get aggressive rear over-fenders. Otherwise the lines don't match up.
  23. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Thats weird, your car has the 89-90 steering wheel, but its a 92. Also, there is probably rust under your spoiler.
  24. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    Yep...spoiler rust is almost a guarantee. Maybe you'll luck out like I did and it will all be within the spoiler.

    And yeah...I will likely hold the kouki tails for ya. I'll be putting them on my car for the rest of the summer till I get my R33, but you have first dibs if you don't pick up a set before hand.
  25. So I just bought a '92 240SX

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