The Official GT4 Thread

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  1. I just saw this thread.
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  2. on a serious note, who plays it proper? looking for good suspension tunes for any rwd car for drifting
  3. Fully Customize your AWD car.
    (such as the Skyline GTR R33 '95, '96, or '97)

    Make sure you buy the Limited-slip Full
    Make sure to go and buy a WING in the shop.

    NOW................USE THESE SETTINGS................

    Raise the spring rate for FRONT to 13.
    Raise the spring rate for REAR to 14.

    Set all the Limited-slip Full Customization
    settings to 10.

    Change the Variable Center Diff to between
    15 and 20.

    Raise the downforce for FRONT to 28.
    Raise the downforce for REAR to 32.

    Change the Oversteer under Driver Aids to 12.
    Change the Understeer under Driver Aids to 20.
    Change the TCS controller setting under
    Driver Aids to 1.

    Change the Front/Rear Balance under Weight
    Balance to -20.


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