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  1. so what? cars like this become collectibles (they are already,but anyway) from the moment they're sold! i know of an enzo owner who got his car for 680.000 euros and 3 months later sold it for 850.000 euros......!
  2. I've seen this exact McLaren F1 at the Motor Trend International Auto Show (two years in a row) in Tampa, FL. These pics are from the St. Petersburg Festival of Speed, which is down the road from Tampa. In 2004, the first time I saw this amazing spectacle of automotive design, someone offered the owner $3,000,000.00 CASH in USD and the owner turned it down. That proves that the offers for these monsters are well over the estimated price. Needless to say, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. And the engine bay is completely lined in 24 karat gold!
  3. its the ultimate, that comes at a price
  4. What's your point? McLaren lined the engine compartment with gold to take advantage of its heat reflective properties. The gold is only a few microns thick, and therefore is probably only worth about $500US.
  5. the point i made was in reference to the price of the vehicle dumass. i only added the fact of the engine bay being lined in gold because it is very unique. the don't care how much the gold is worth, i was stating an actual price that was offered for a mclaren.
  6. this price is an understatment its a bargain.
  7. who gives a damn about its price! THIS CAR IS WORTH IT!!!

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