the rx8

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  1. why did they never add more power
  2. rotaries cant handle very much power so thats why they didnt
  3. such a shitty thing
  4. yeah

    because the engine spins faster, the centrifugal force is greater on the external components of the engine, thus, the engine is limited in its power.

    science wins again!
  5. Rotaries are shit.
  6. Needs turbo. Do they have turbo? Because they need one. A turbo would be good. Should be turboed.
  7. dont need more power when you got suicide doors
  8. these things are farken sick.

  9. well it's a girl car, what do you expect
  10. :s
  13. Never got the turbo treatment like the RX-7.
  14. I guess this was the reason the FIA and ACO banned the Wankel engine after it's victory at Le Mans.
  15. ugh that riced out rx7
    why are they dressed like that in the snow
  16. Yeah right

    That's a piston engine disguised as a wanker engine to fool fanboys.
  17. Because the automatic gearbox couldn't handle all those revs. And you Americans can't handle a manual gearbox. It's your fault.
  18. sounds to me like this guys is an engineer, so i trust his w0rds.
  19. The RX8 needs a piston engine.
  20. Finally thaknyou!

    someone who understands me!
  21. lets settle this once and for all

    any engineers in here?
  22. ya
  23. Scraps is.
  24. They made me hand my ring back in

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