The Silencer introduces oneself

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by The Silencer, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Haha lame remark.It shows really well your childishness. You have a clone with the same name, avatar and sig, so please avoid babling crap.
  2. What do you mean?, Superbot!
  3. 426 Hemistage 8 had a crush on my computer, but i had to tell him it would never be...
  4. Use your brain if you have one, you lame humor Clown.
  5. Are you a robot or not? C3PO? R2D2? T800? T1?...
  6. Wow this thread is a good source of entertainment
  7. PENTIUM 4?!
  8. represent MO @#$%A'S!!!
  9. OMFG! HOT! every robot dream!
  10. Are you always so #$%#ing childish Panda clown? Or do you always use a such lame 2 cents worth sarcasm?
  11. YES! ROBOT!!!! What's your opinion on that Battle Bots Show? do you find it offensing?
  12. What a lame joke Panda Clown. I find that you talk about is very uninteresting and #$%#ing childish.
  13. Solid sense of humor big rob
  14. I'm laughing. Seriously.
  15. I'm laughing!
  16. it seems the silncer died mid-mission
  17. Jason Bourne!!!
  18. it would be cool if they could break dance
  19. This really needs a bump. It's so awesome.
  20. lol the silencer must return
  21. How many people have you killed with your balls mr. Silencer?
  22. i think he died midmission
  23. hello silencer want some advice on vehicles? just ask im sure i can be of help.

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