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  1. He is gonna queef something like the whole world changed the rules on racing to keep Koenigseggs out of racing series, otherwise every other car would be raped&pwned by K'segg's godly performance.
  2. ford racing prolly uses it somewhere lol
  3. It's a Ford engine which Koenigsegg put it's name on. Just like the bodyshell that also already existed and they bought too.

    Nothing is original on these cars.
  4. That argument no longer holds any weight, simply because American companies aren't capable of producing an engine of this caliber.

    Only the brilliant minds of Koenigsegg could create a bullet-proof engine that weighs in at 178kg and produces over 1100bhp and 234bhp/L. CvK even mentioned that the block could easily take up to 1600bhp.
  5. Sorry, I'm not too up to date on this car. Based on what's been said by others here (and the peculiar lack of data on the 'net), this engine hasn't ever been raced, correct?
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  7. It is the V12 from the maybach in fact ...

  8. I read somewhere that this was the V12 they had used in the CLK? a number of sites are saying it's the M158 so you'd be right.
  9. It's neither really, it's the block from that one, but the pistons, heads, valves... etc are Pagani specific. In any case, I've really never known anyone to complain about a supercar because it has a German V12.
  10. The Zonda R uses the CLK-GTR engine.
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    thats awful.
  12. No, but this is the engine they used for the one-off CCGT race car that never got the chance to race.
  13. There is nothing disgraceful as using an engine block from mercedes even if it comes from a maybach.

    From what I've read it isn't the sharp tool the zonda was so the engine seems to be right.

    I mean it is more like a Mc F1 than a F50 witch is not bad.

  14. Sorry interrupt your mouthbreathing maybe but why is stray animal dog live inside this "Paganini" factory?
  15. Shut up. That's how my ass sounds like. Your comment offends me.
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  17. Maybe when worker go home, dog is sleep in car, leave fur hair everywhere, spray piss on carpet, hide bone in glove box. This is ruin rich man famous car. Some animal live in Dongfeng rough terrain countryside vehicle production line but their product is not so expensive trophy woman carrier maybe.
  18. Looking for stray dogs for your cousin's restaurant?
  19. Koenigsegg would be the last to go out of business at this point
  20. actually american companies, like nelson racing, make far more hardcore engines. 2500 hp street legal engines engines. Not to mention ford did the design work on that engine, and there are quite a few stock blocked ford GTs pushing more power than the ksegg.

    oh and bulletproof? Is that why theres that video of one just pumping out black smoke out there?

    and you should know by now that hp/L is an absurd measurement.
  21. I'm going to hijack this thread.
  22. Nelson was exactly what I was going to say, those engines are amazing. Hell, even their Daily Driver puts out 1700hp
  23. "low-tech" is what I think when it comes to American engines, and is the main reason why they could never compare. Only DOHC/4vpc, light-weight, and high-revving engines for me.
  24. Yes it sounds crap compared to the Zonda but at least Pagani had an awesome sounding car unlike the weak supercharged fart that is the K'segg.

    Ever since the F40 LM youtube vid, no other forced induction engine has come close in sound.
  25. I always think that a Koenigsegg sounds like the fart you do while taking a shit.

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