The sound of Huayra...

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  1. I actually pooped out a Koenigsegg earlier today.
  2. Ate rotten sea food or something?
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    Much better.

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    The typical shitty sound I've come to expect from an american engine, although it's still better than the asthma sound of Huayra.
  5. Both of them sounds way better than the wet fart sound of Koenigseggs
  6. Seriously, it sounds like something's loose and rattling around in there.
  7. I can't think of a sportscar that sounds as shit as CCX.

    CCR and Agera sound slightly better.
  8. lawl, suddenly Nelson Racing makes low tech engines eh... I'd love to see a koenigsegg drive on the street all day making 1300hp on pump 91 octane without exploding. the fact that these monster engines are in everything from pickups to moslers is also a testament to the engineering involved.
  9. Why do you guys even respond to this troll?
  10. so they can feed him, obviously.
  11. FYI, DOHC is a 30 year older technology compared to OHV. Rocking some 100 year old technology there baby. Better go back in time and high 5 those fiats in the 1910s running 4 valves/cyl for being so advanced.

    oh, and if nelson engines are low tech, why are they making so much more power and torque than the Ksegg/ford engines? Shouldnt all that 'technology' make the nelson motors unable to compete?

  12. Nelson engines sound way better than Koenigscrap engines.
  13. The low tech roots of these nelson engines is only disguised through the use of forced induction. Ksegg's N/A 5.0L engine in the CCGT makes well over 800bhp unrestricted, something nelson engines could only dream of.
  14. That isnt a street legal motor, has never been proven to have 800 hp, and would have to be completely retuned to be run unrestricted,and nelson makes plenty of STREET LEGAL naturally aspirated 800+hp engines.

    and the kseggs use forced induction AND technology, shouldnt they be making way more power than the FI nelson motors?
  15. That race engine in the CCGT is basically the same engine being used in their road cars. For a nelson to make that kind of n/a power would mean using an engine with twice the displacement and weight, which is a clear sign of low tech if you ask me.

    and Ksegg cars don't need more power, current power/weight ratio is overkill as it is.
  16. it's overkill because they don't know how to design a suspension system that handles, and an aero package that makes it stick. Marc Basseng said it handled poorly on the supercar tests around N'Ring.
  17. That race engine is wildly different on a detail side. The tuning and development that goes into a restricted car is quite a bit different than that of an unrestricted car. All of the engine acoustics change (ie: the driving force of most engine processes). You have to literally remap and retune the entire engine, intake, and exhaust to run with a restrictor.

    actually, nelson has street legal engines making dyno proven 800 hp NA (not hypothetical guesstimates on a non street legal car) using LSX based motors at 7 liters. aluminum blocks too, so theyre still quite light.
  18. lol That's why Agera is bound to destroy the competition, especially on the track.
  20. kbud.
  21. A car never sounds really as good as an NA as soon as you put a turbo on it.
  22. Nope.
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    Eat shit raging balls

  24. Honda sounds more powerful.
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    It's a good sound, but not powerful enough for me.

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