The ultimate sports car???

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  1. The Mclaren F1 has been considered the ultimate street legal car for ten years now.It still has the best power-to-weight ratio for any production car and it is a lot more user-friendly than many super cars of its class like the Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari F50.So I wonder if the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron can surpass the Mclaren in both overall performance and comfort.It is probably much heavier than the Mclaren but the 4 wheel drive system should give it advantage in handling.And from what I have heard,this Bugatti is as luxurious as a Mercedes-Benz S600.
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    the McLaren F1 is 6 years old. How could it of been the no.1 sports car for 10 years????? Besides that, you are right
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    good Power to weight is nothing to brag about, but it is better than being heavier, although, if you can surpass a car of good power to weight, with a car of crap power to weight, that is something to brag aobut, and a good achievment.
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    Actually if it's not 10 years old, then it's pretty close. I remember reading about it in early 1994 when I was still in high school...
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    When this car finally hits the market, I predict that it will topple the McLaren from its pedestal. Assuming the McLaren weighs 2700 lb (which is generous because most of the figures I've seen put it at a smidge over 2800 lb) then it's power to weight ratio is 4.31 lb/hp. In order for this car to have a worse power to weight ratio, it would have to weigh a little over 4250 lb (using 987 hp SAE net). I really doubt it will weigh that much. The AWD may not give it a whole lot of a handling advantage, but it will definitely have an advantage accelerating off the line. Plus, the Veyron has a 7-speed transmission, which will allow it to stay in the power band a little better than the McLaren. Then there's the whole torque to weight difference... no contest in favor of the Bugatti.
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    Actually,I saw the Mclaren F1 featured at the trend section of September 1992 Motor Trend,a few weeks after the car's depute.The car is over ten years old but did not go into production until 1995.
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    so your saying that the design is 10 years old, but the LM car is 8 years old, and the road version is 6 years old. I c, there for u are right i surpose.
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    The record is ten years old I think. The prototype got the fastest road legal car record and then the production one beat that.
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    Just to correct myself the prototype held a fastest car record but it wasn't road leagl car cos that was already held by the Callaway Sledghammer.
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    Judging by the engine output stats and the engine itself, if this car is not undisputedly the supercar king when it is tested, Bugatti should be ashamed of themselves and it will be a huge dissapointment with all that promise and potential. Potential energy is greatr, but what's the use if it's not used?
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    No, you are wrong, even if this car does not succeed in becomming the fastest car, it will have all the other great things about it. For example, If i were Bugatti i sure as hell would be poud of the luxury level of this machine. Also the styling. And another thing, even if they dont make it to the top speed (even though i think it well), there will still be heaps of room for improvement and tuning.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It's not going to be king of the supercars anyway. This is the next level up from a supercar. A supercar should be no compromise but this has the performance but throws luxury in as well.
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    Oh yeah. The F1, for example, is damn fast, but some don't even have aircon. A lot of REALLY fast cars out there are bare-bones, but this Veyron smokes them all, but with an interior that spoils you.
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    Thats what I said.
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    Yes I agree but this bugatti here could and is possible but the only thing that digusts me is da colors of da car they need to change it otherwise it is a really fast luxurious sports car!!!
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    Why would the colours make it a really fast luxuriouse sports car, which it is'nt anyway.

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