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Discussion in '2000 Lotus Exige' started by US cars rulez, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. i went on a track day with this car and a diablo sv amongst others, now the diablo nearly tripples this cars power output as you all know and i was waiting in the pits waiting to drive my next car (ferrari 328 gtb) and the diablo roared past the pits down the straight, at this moment the exige from standing drove out of the pits and when the exige got on to the straight the diablo started to turn at the end (about 500 metres ahead) about 2 minutes later i heard the massive roar of the lambos v12 power unit as it zoomed round the corner about 20 feet ahead of the exige, then another 2 minutes later the exige was leading by a good 200 metres, when i got to drive the exige i understood why. people say it handles "like a go kart" but it so does it just would not slide. i took a corner that in a normal car would be a third gear 70mph job at about 100mph! unbelievable. the lambo was good to drive as well and the viper, extremely fast especially the lambo, 0-60 in 3.85 i believe!
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    Dont you love my name.

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