The Winzen Collection

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  1. Winzen collection circa 1989

    The Winzen Collection (circa 1989). From Tim Keseluk from Fchat:

    These photos were given to me several years ago. They were from a local attorney charged with selling these cars to settle an estate. I believe that they belonged to Otto Winzen who was the owner of Winzen Research (an aerospace firm that was involved in front-end research early in the space program).
    From talking with one of Otto's friends he had the habit of seeing a new car he liked and then buying several. The conditions of the sale included: fixed price all or nothing. I heard they went for around $550K. It was a nutty way to sell them. Even if you had the money at the time there were problems just moving and storing all that iron.
    Today even 10 times that would be a bargain. Probably could have been a great auction.
    I grew up (in the 60's) down the street from a guy who worked for Winzen. They were developing high altitude balloons. Never knew about the cars then. The story I heard is that he was found dead in the Rolls (engine running).
  2. Winzen collection circa 1989

    This is really beyond awesome. I don't know how to express my feelings about this collection <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  3. The Winzen Collection (circa 1989)

    Love the orange Miura
  4. The Winzen Collection (circa 1989)

    Crikey, someone made a killing!
  5. and they are in NICE condition!
  6. Beautiful cars. The 300SLs are my favorite.
  7. Beyond amazing
  8. This statement has been aproved by Rocka
  9. at least i have one of the cars the guy had!
    now to go for the 507 and all the rest
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  10. Yes.
  11. Tim, Thanks for posting the information about the Otto Winzen Car Collection. So of our family members were close friends with Otto. They are very familiar with all the cars. He also had an amphibian car in the collection. In any event, if you know of any other cars owned by Otto Winzen please let me know. Also, Do you happen to know the attorneys name who dealt with the estate? That would be helpful.
  12. If you fam members are close friends how do they not know
  13. is a sperg not intitled to the glow of his rig
  14. hi 944turbo
  15. no post the wiseau collection
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  18. Tim
    After watching a recent video on Cnet about the history of BMW Roadsters, I did some research on the 507 and found your post.
    My father, Oscar Schardin, worked for Winzen Research in the 60's as a machinist. He also helped launch the balloons for Wizen in Canada and elsewhere. My dad let me look at the collection Otto had in his shop.
    Besides the 507 I believe he had a Mercedes, but as I was so in awe of the 507 I really did not pay much attention to the other cars. You mentioned you lived down the street from on of Wizen employees. We lived in Richfield at the time. Perhaps we were neighbors.

  19. Is that yellow Porsche one of the pre production prototypes it's very similar to one I came across
  20. I know the guy who bought this in period. Was apparently quite a collection - stuff all over the map from never driven RX-7s to Muira SVs.
  21. I know the guy who bought this in period. Was apparently quite a collection - stuff all over the map from never driven RX-7s to Muira SVs.

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