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    TVRs are more expensive are they, fair enough but not by such a considerable margin that you would buy a vette over the TVR because of price, about 3 grand, if that. and anyway tvr are the worst handling out of all the cars i listed but thats not to say thats its a bad handling car. you say that a german car mag tested a Z06 and a 360 and the vette won, which reputable car mag was this and if you can tell me, how do you know. the ferrari 360, one of the best handling cars in the world beaten by a vette, OK its not as quick as youd like but its about as fast as a vette isnt it. i think if you saw a race between these two cars live you would be proven wrong, that is an unbiased oppinion because i dont think the 360 is a worthy successor in the looks department to the wonderfull, fabulous F355 (my favourite car). you see so i dont even like the 360 that much but like i say i will never concede that america can make a better handling car than a european supercar.
    just a little note now, what nationality are you?
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    That last statement just threw everything else you said out the window. You've been willing to look at facts, not being overly prejudice, but now you refuse to believe America can make a better handling car than a European supercar?

    Let's begin with the amazing Saleen S7. Do you think any current Ferrari short of the Enzo would out handle it? Think again.

    Or perhaps the Mosler Mt900 Photon. Weighs only 2100lbs, and was designed with racing in mind, pulling over 1g on the skidpad.

    There are more, but I don't feel like naming them. Fact is, the US doesn't have many companies working solely on high-end exotic cars.

    (BTW, I'm not American, so don't accuse me of patriotism)

    So you're trying to say the Z06 has absolutely no chance of being faster than any European car, because:

    a) It uses leaf springs
    b) it's American

    Shouldn't there be more logic behind it than that? The fact that the Z06 is lighter than a 911 turbo, and has less drivetrain loss, not to mention a better weight distribution and is more aerodynamic eludes you, doesn't it? The porsche's only real advantage is it's AWD for acceleration and it does aid in handling.

    And yes, I've heard of the Caterham 7, and I know it would tear a Z06 to pieces. But it would also do the same to most of those cars you just mentioned (TVR, Porsche, Ferrari (anything short of the Enzo), lotus ect.)
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    you say that i claim that a z06 couldnt outhandle any european car, i assume you mean supercar. it could, ill give you that, but not many.
    ill tell you, (again showing that im not biased) i had never seen the road s7, but ive just looked at it and i appologise for saying that america could never make a better handling supercar, although ive never seen any material of it going, it looks like a real supercar and could probably handle well but that is just an assumption. it also looks damn good and is very fast (if the figures are correct). you still havent answered my question though, what is your nationality. also i know that the 7 could burn off all the supercars up to 150 (and its brittish), i didnt say it couldnt. its one of the cars you can hire to run round in on track days in the UK, its a mini beast. something that does seem to annoy me about you though is the fact that aerodynamics comes in to your oppinions a lot. you probably do realise this because you seem quite knowledgeable about cars but you are probably forgetting that all sports/supercars have good aerodynamics in a straight line, they are all streamlined so i assume that you mean aerodynamics for stability in the corners etc. now remembering that aerodynamic down force starts to kick in around 70-80 mph, how many corners (tight corners) will you go round above say 110mph, where down force is still relatively small. answer, none. on road cars aerodynamics in the corners doesnt count for much so it is mostly down to mechanical grip where the suspension comes in to it, in a corner of about 110mph or less entry speed (all corners really). anyway a vette or any car will only get up to around say 150 mph or there abouts, so aerodynamic down force in a sports car dont matter as much as youd think although im not saying that they dont matter.
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    US cars rulez

    You said that you would "never" concede that the Z06 is faster around a track than a Porsche, Ferrari, or a Lotus. Are you going to admit that you were wrong and that you shouldn't've used the word "never", or do you want me to dig through my car magazines and start scanning. I should be able to find 2 or 3 tests, but the others were posted by other members. Take my word for it. The Z06 beat the 996tt by 2 sec/lap at three different tracks, and Porsche chose Hurley Haywood to drive the 996tt for one of those tests. I hope you know who he is.
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    i dont know who hurley haywood is sorry, and i have conceded that the z06 could beat a euro supercar but on the whole i think that euro supercars are better. and be honest, is the reason why you havent posted anything about aerodynamics that you think im right?
    you say you could scan through mags and find 2 or 3, 2 or 3? that isnt many is it. so i have admitted something, now will you admit that my oppinions on aerodynamics and that on the whole, euro supercars are better handling than the Z06?
    and eh, tell me your nationality.
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    I agree, on the whole Euro supercars are better, and their price reflects that. Not many would argue (and those who would are idiots) that the Z06 is faster or handles better than the Zonda or the Enzo. But then again, those are companies whos only focus is producing high-end ultra-exotic cars, where as Chevy pumps out minivans, trucks and econoboxes by the millions every year. Neither Ferrari nor Porsche would be able to live up to the standards they do now if they tried to do the same.

    As for aerodynamics, what you did post sounded pretty accurate, but all that I was getting at was, on a track such as Lemans with its long straight, a lower cd does help in high speed acceleration. It's not a very big advantage that the Z06 has, I was just pointing out that there are enough advantages that the Z06 being faster than the Porsche isn't totally inconcievable.

    All in all I'd be perfectly happy to leave it at both countries (or continents, for that matter) make great cars. I have no real biases either way (other than owning an 81 corvette)

    I believe I've already mentioned my nationality in the other post involving the R500, but if you missed it, I'm Canadian. It's a great country, and not as cold as you might guess. Unfortunately I live in Winnipeg, and not many people drive anything expensive. I consider myself lucky to see a boxter or a Viper (I've only seen 2 or 3 of either) and the most expensive car I've ever seen would be a Ferrari 355.
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    Almost all supercars are Euro.

    I agree with your opinions about aerodynamics, but it's still slightly valid to point out the aerodynamic weaknesses of the 996tt. On the other hand, a 911 with no rear spoiler has terrible aerodynamics. They're unsafe over 100 mph.

    My nationality is irrelevant. If you think that it's relevant, then you're the one who's biased. I already know that you're biased because you draw conclusions about the Z06 based on where it's made.
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    i may be a little bit biased but that is because i am proud to be from a continent that produces quite simply the most outrageously cool production cars in the world, not to mention the fastest and best looking. if you ask a 5 year old to name a fast car they will say "ferrari".
    i ask your nationality for future reference not to use it aganst you, i ask most people their nationality.
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    Well I'd say you're more than a bit more biased, but whatever, you're entitled to your opinions. If I would be biased towards any car, it would be the cobra, the series 1 and just about everything Carrol Shelby has made. Great cars<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    sure the Z06 rules. but thats cuz its 100% performace. the luxury is shit, its a two seater its all driving.. its just not practical, a car is for driving and going places, but it only fits two people and it is not comfortable.. remeber part of the driving experiance is not just the engine and its handling. its the luxury to..... now BMW M3 might not be able to beat the vette on the track cuz its inline 6 and also 4 seater, but its an awesome car all around performs good, handles awesome,fast,nice style and class, luxerous. i would much rather have the M3 than this pure performance car anyday.. plus i save more gas <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    You've never been in a Vette, have you? I own one, and they're quite comfortable, although could use a little bit more space. It's a sports cars, so it doesn't need 4 seats. It would just make it worse to have any more seats
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    US cars rulez:
    What makes you think the Z06 is a straightline-only car? Did you not read the link I provided in the other thread, the one from evo magazine?:

    "'I was amazed to see the large yellow nose fill the rear-view mirror of the M Coupe,' said Rog. 'Through a long fast right-hander I expected to see it fall back, but not only did it stay put, it went past down the following straight!'

    As Rog hinted from the cockpit of the BMW, the improvement in the ZO6's chassis over the standard Corvette is as impressive as its ballistic speed. Predictably it has masses of road holding, but it also has feel, composure and a modicum of mid-corner adjustability, something lesser Vettes lack. Dr Barker, having just administered a large dose of humiliation to the rest of our convoy, makes his diagnosis of the ZO6's dynamics.

    'Grip levels are very strong, so you can learn to trust it and lean on it. Its brakes are superb, too, the best here with a wonderfully feelsome pedal that gives bite right from the top of its travel and doesn't induce chassis squirm, even on very bumpy corner entries. I'd say this points to a well-sorted detail suspension set-up and a much stiffer structure than other Vettes."

    Hell, if a regular 'Vette can beat an NSX-T on a road course (Nelson Ledges) by 2.1 seconds and loses to an F355 by 1.6 seconds, the natural assumption is that the Corvette is...built for straight lines only?

    And I hope you're not saying the Caterham will beat the Z06 in a 0-150 sprint, are you?

    Some things to chew on, below. That's the C&D shootout from last year, BTW. Last pic is from Automobile Magazine.

    Regarding the TVR, I hope you have enough money left over for spare engines.

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    And on the subject of the Z06 comfort being "sh*t", how is it sub-par? Take a look at the equipment list:

    Cruise control
    Dual-zone climate control
    Self-dimming, anti-glare mirrors
    Head Up Display
    Heated mirrors
    Memory package (three preset positions for climate control, seat, mirrors, radio and power telescoping steering column)
    6-way power seats

    Sure, it's ain't an M3. But it's a helluva lot closer to an M3 than the Caterham previously mentioned.
    Fuel economy figures will probably be very similar.
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    I never said that, but it's pretty obivious that the caterham is either faster 0-100, or 100-0. Seeing how the Z06's braking has been praised by journalists, the Caterham being faster 0-100 seems more plausible. That, and it does get to 60 in 3.4.

    I own that issue of C&D, so I know about the shootout, and 0-150 isn't the most usefull statistic, espescially since the Caterham's top speed is exactly 150.

    About the comfort of the R500, if you read the topic, it says to find a car that's faster for under 60 000, and I did. The fact that it's missing such luxury items as a winshield or doors shouldn't really matter.

    As shaky as TVR's reliability record is, I have doubts it's as bad as you make it out to be. It'll last at least two years given seasonal driving, and you wouldn't expect too much more from a ferrari either, would you?
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    Whoa, whoa. I think you and I are on the same page (hopefully). My first post up there was a response to US cars rulez.

    The Caterham is faster than the Z06 to 100, by the tune of 1.5 seconds. Pretty quick. In that Autocar 0-100-0 shootout, however, it maxed out at 145, with a standing mile in 31.95 @ that terminal speed. By comparison, the old 385-hp Z06 did the standing mile in 31.32 @ 160.73. And by C&D's stats, the 405-hp Z06 knocked some 3-4 seconds off the 0-150 time of the 385-hp Z06 (not tested on the same day, though).

    About the faster car for under 60,000 thing, is that in this thread or another one? The topic here merely states that the Z06 rules.

    And about Ferrari reliability, you don't to get me started on that.
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    LOL I knew you would agree with me about ferrari.

    I think I might have had the wrong forum when I posted, sorry about that. I was tired and you mentioned the caterham, so I assumed it was the forum where I compared the caterham to the z06. anyway, everything you've posted here seems quite accurate. good job as usual<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    first of all the corvette is faster accellerating faster topm speed and more horsepower and torque than the bmw so it isnt a very fair test in respect of equality secondly and this isnt against you im confused, you talk acout a vette vs a bmw but you put up stats for another test. the reason why the vette flew past on the straight is because of accelleration and thats all, its not because he kept his speed up through the corner because it stayed put behind him in the long fast right hander which is another indication a long fast right hander, speed would play a big roll there. i havent found any other comparisons in a car mag for the vette against a euro sportscar, but when i do ill proe to you that a porsche turbo or a ferrari would beat the vette round a track. also it says in your stats that the vette did 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, i told you 3.9 seconds my arse.
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    Read much? The stats I posted are from OTHER tests. ALL of them show the Z06 is indeed capable of taking a 996TT on a twisty track (over 2 seconds at Thunderhill Park!). Given drivers of equal skill, a Turbo should have no trouble outhandling an M Coupe (and that's coming from an M Coupe fan). By deduction, since a Turbo will beat an M Coupe on a twisty track, and since a Z06 can beat a Turbo on a twisty track...
    The article in quotes was from EVO magazine. You read it, no?
    Have you even seen the results for SCCA autocross racing? That takes place in parking lots, LOL. What the hell does high rpm power have to do with the Z06's success there? And it wasn't like that fast right hand sweeper was a perfectly smooth skidpad, was it?

    Wanna see a video of a Z06 hanging onto the back of a 360 Modena at Laguna Seca, and then passing it on the straight?

    And since when did GM claim 3.9 seconds to 60 for their 385-hp Z06?

    Make no mistake about it, the Z06 is NOT a straight-line only car as you've claimed. You have NO idea of what you speak.
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    fair enough i am just going on the vettes reputation but i will not admit to knowing nothing of what i speak. if you read some of my other posts you would understand. lastly i am buggered if a vette can beat a ferrari f355 round a track let alone 360, bollocks.
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    fair enough i am just going on the vettes reputation but i will not admit to knowing nothing of what i speak. if you read some of my other posts you would understand. lastly i am buggered if a vette can beat a ferrari f355 round a track let alone 360, bollocks. think about the f1 gear change, the racing suspension chassis stiffness etc, (not aerodynamics because they dont come in to it for road cars)
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    What about chassis stiffness? The Corvette was already so stiff, they didn't even have to reinforce it at all when they made it a cabrio. And the cabrio is vault solid among any roadsters of its class.
    Guess what. The Z06, being based on the now discontinued hardtop model, is even stiffer than the regular coupe. Lighter suspension components. Lighter exhaust (titanium). Thinner and lighter glass. Real performance tires (not that runflat rubbish you find on regular Corvettes), which are lighter and reduce unsprung weight even further.
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    I've posted this before, but I'm going to do it again, as it is true any time people talk about performance in numbers, and grade cars accordingly.

    I think that people are staring way to much at numbers on the internet! Cars are not about numbers! They're about personality, character, and sensation. You get a car that makes you feel great to drive it, and that's the one you want. Doesn't matter what some numbers on the internet, or anyone else says! Maybe by the number the Corvette wins, but when you look at the stereo and it the same as any other POS chevy, you say DAMN.

    I saw a Ferrari 308 in the West Edmonton mall and I just stopped and stared. It's such a beautiful car. I see vettes all the time, and could give a shit less. I'm not a numbers man! I want something more.

    So those americans and/or number crunchers who want to talk about the vettes numbers, leave me out of it. If you've driven the cars, then talk my ears off, but numbers don't do anything. I've played GT3, and I can look at numbers there, but it doesn't inspire me (much).
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    well this car handling and braking is mazing ya can't deny those facts it is one of the best eva built vettes
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    How come you're an idiot?! Let's see your precious Z06 keep up around a track! The GT2 is a bad example for comparison here, that's like asking why a Bentley Continental GT needs forced induction to keep up! In a track environment, relative supercar bargains like the 911 Carrera or BMW M3 run rings around the Z06! Yes, the Z06 is a fraction of the price; next to a Carrera, you also get a fraction of the car! Wake up.
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    i agree

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