Their factory burnt

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    Did you know the Veyron does 0-60 in 2.9? And thats official.
    Mix that with a top speed of over 250mph and you gat a pretty fast car right there.
    Oh, and the CC8S is also faster.
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    I think the CC8S has hit 242Mph, thats 1Mph better than the McLaren. Pity it's coming out so close to the Bugatti cos it's reighn at the top will be short lived.
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    A car that is not even in production, and THATS official.
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    Veyron will be.
    CC8S is.

    What are you, a genius?
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    its tru taht the factory was burnt down but they saved all
    the cars and moved to the old military base, F10.
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    It is now..... THATS Official too.
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    The Radical SR-3 would beat the Enzo round a track and thats a production road car now.
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    i think they saved about ten of there cars. expect there prices to go up
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    They owend one of Sweden´s 12 BMW Z8. And they maneged to save it *puh!*

    I think that they also saved all the earliest prototypes of the Koenigsegg

    i REALLY hope that the they saved the safe with the drawings of the Boxer 12 engine!
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    I heard they were gonna just use the Ferrari Boxer 12 for the next one?
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    I think that´s a false rumor. I´ve seen the test on this car on a Swedish motorprogram. They said they´ve bought the drawings and rights to Motori Modernis´s 3.8 L boxer 12 engine.

    I'v taken a screenshot from the reportage. You can start a new thread about it if you like. Since i can´t due to this silly rules they have here...
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    Hmm its a very wide engine.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Nah, just wait till when you have enough posts to make a thread, then you can make a thread with these pictures in it, and I can +1 it and it will stay at the top of the list of threads.
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    It´s a boxer... duuuhh! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    But then i need to spam the forum alot even if i don´t got nothing to say!
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    Try this link. It might be able to translate?!?!?
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    I never knew about that... Quite frankly I'm surprised. That sucks. Well, thanks for the information!
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    Well I was watching a program on the Gumball Rally (big race across America with tons of exotic cars, amazing, I hope to enter it one day) and the fastest car they had last year was a Konigsegg at 234mph and he was accelerating well but he heard over a pokice scanner that he'd been reported and he let off just incase. I mean damn, he was still accelerating. It is one of my favourite cars, great and boundry pushing engineering and great performance and in my opinion a remarkably low price for what it is.
    IF I ever got one i'd have it tuned a bit at the factory, I believe they could squeeze more out of the engine.
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    ya.. it sounds so strange saying "they've saved so many cars's lives"
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    well, with over a 1000 bhp it's offcourse fastest in a straight line. but i can hardly believe the veyron is the fastest just because of its outrageous weight.
    I still think the enzo would go faster around the nurburgring or any other circuit.

    and i just read the radical sr3 turbo is the fastest car ever around the nurburgringn, but i found it hard to believe it is a very reliable car though...
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    No proof of the Veyrons weight.
    Not meant to be a track car anyway.
    Do you own a radical? Cause how would you know how reliable it is?
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    Any news how the fire started?
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    When did their factory burn down!!!!???

    i hope that they have another factory cause this is once hell of a car that is worth having on the roads.
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    Nah, Im pretty sure that was the only factory, but this happened a long time ago, [not that long ago] they're probobly re-building it now
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    i think that their factory burn 2 or 3 years ago.I think they have rebuilt since a long time.


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    That's bad news... but at least it's not their only factory. I think I heard something about a fire maybe taking out a couple race modenas at a ferarri plant. It was either in CAR or EVO magazines.
    Oh, and dudes, it's not like a modena at all.

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