There's no point to anything

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mr Putin, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Posting here is worthless waste of time, you can have everything and still you can't be happy. I don't see the point in anything right now. This moment right now is probably my lowest in the last few years.

    Another 3 weeks and a New Year begins, maybe i can change then.
  2. I just want this year to end, and be Jan/1/2014. So i can start all over from zero.
  3. Oh what a surprise...
  4. I just cant be happy, i dont know why. Im angry and unhappy. This is why im so depressed
  5. AMG, im sure you're happy now that im down. Does it make you happy?
  6. Right now i can understand what corks or anyone else feels like, because right now im going through it.
  7. Right now i just want to go somewhere away from everyone and everything i know. Just for 3 weeks, and then new year would be a new start. Im turning this thread into a blog, but i've had enough
  8. Happy, no. Surprised...also no. Being a miserable **** doesn't give you the right to BE a miserable **** to others. Also, you're even more ill than you think if you're under the impression that a mere change of the calendar is gonna change things. YOU have to change you, and you don't need to wait until the new year to do that. If you put it off that long, you're likely to put it off indefinitely.
  9. Right now, im just pissed off at myself. I am the problem, but i cant change. Ive tried, and i change for a while and then it's the same old thing again.
  10. Yeah, it's called professional help. Stop wasting everyone's time here and get some. Isn't that covered under your socialist healthcare anyway?
  11. No the only reason i say New Year is because right now i have no motivation. I dont even have the motivation to eat something right now.

    Jan/1/2014, I can write in a diary, that i will change, and then write something in the diary everyday to keep on track
  12. You can do all that shit now. Stop making pathetic excuses.
  13. Depressed? Maybe its time to get the #$%# off your computer and get a breath of that fresh, Swiss mountain air.
  14. I'd give you some advice but you're clearly still in the woe is me stage so it'll fall on deaf ears.
  15. Also this. I find there's a direct correlation between my depression and how much time I've been spending on the computer. Get out, change up your routine a bit. Get some exercise, see a therapist. Stop posting here...
  16. I just came from outside. I didt even want to go outside. Reason im here typing this is to get it out of my system, some relief. I feel so low right now. Lowest in years.
  17. self pity doesn't do anything but make you feel worse and look pathetic to others
  18. I the new year. ON Jan/1, i will join a gym. Right now i cant i dont have any motivation. i dont feel like doing anything. maybe i need a hobby or something, something has to change.

    I used to post here as a joke, now i do this IAR stuff to deal with depression.
  19. Ah even the greatest fall but oh yes indeed you shall rise again
  20. I dont care, nobody knows me here, it's internet. It makes me feel better typing this though
  21. lol, that cheered me up a bit, i actually laughed, thx
  22. I have nothing else to do right now except post in this thread.
  23. Sucks to be you. I'm posting while shitting in the bathroom of an overpriced restaurant where i am dining with my wife and her family. I can make a better steak than this Ruth's Chris bullshit. At least the wine is good.

    Anyway, enjoy your shit life.
  24. Im going to Walmart tomorrow and buying a diary that has a single page for each day for the entire year. Im going to write for each day, and keep that diary next to me for an entire year
  25. I can say something nasty to you, but whats the point? Understand whatever i posted here was't personal. It made me laugh. iT'S actually good that your happy. Happy for you.

    I need to change, the only way i can do that is not not letting anything get to me. Easier said than done

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