these cars haul ass

Discussion in '1992 Mazda 323 Familia GT-R' started by venomGTR, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. shame about the shitty gearbox in these cars. start modding and you'll blow the gearbox first. GTiR wins from being tougher and with a pedigree of hi-po nissans to draw from

    had a ride in one of these that had 400hp.... thats right kids 400hp in a fricken hatchback.
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    The transmission is factory designed and produced to meet other factory standards, not designed for heavy mods. If you wanna mod heavily, mod the tranny too.
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    hell i bet with 400hp and 4wd the o-60 times like 4 sec.
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    The GTiRs ive herd about have all been very fragile.
    again, gearboxes seem to be the main weakness, obviously initially designed for the 100hp regular models and not able to take the extra strain.
    Budget 1/4mile demons though, especially the Nissan.
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    we call these GTX's in NZ

    at least i THINK theyre the same

    1.8 inline 4 turbo

    ya the same
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    i read in speed magazine that if you change the exhaust on this thin and you get 220KW!
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    the gtx and the gtr are two different models.
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    GO the Familias.

    GTX=vj-20, IHI RHB5
    GTR=vj-23, ball bearing, IHI RHF6, (Equivalent to a T03e), Trim I think is 63mm and 65mm
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    this car is HORRIBLE. A. its slow B. it looks like a pile of shit C. its #$%#in asian
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    yur an idiot zo6guy454
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    The GTX is the inferior model without the hand built BP motor. You can tell a GTX from a GTR as a GTR has 5 bolt wheel hubs and the GTX has 4.

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