They should redesign this

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by IvanKaramazov, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Again, aging design.
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    True =)
    The Esprit name is basically a legend now =)
    Alot older than any other supercar name =)

    Any how, I would agree on the 6th or even 7th gear would be nice to work the turbo =)
    Also, how HID XENON lights would look sweet =)

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    Maybe it's time they come with something new...
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    Yep =)
    Handles like a dream too for a RWD car =)

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  5. The design is seriously getting old....<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, you're damn right, man!
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    Facelift? Maybe a little here or there, but come on. If BMW is finally re-designing the Z, this Lotus is definitely old news. Still a great track car though.<!-- Signature -->
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    they should redesign this, but at least they got rid of those ugly ass tail lights
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    Sweet car but the interior is way too cramped for a tall guy like me!!!
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    I dunno, but I've always loved the design of the Esprit, even if it hasn't been changed for some time. It simple are very sleek.<!-- Signature -->
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    I was so excited to see a new Esprit- too bad its the exact same thing.<!-- Signature -->
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    People...Have you ever heard of the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Its the same with the Esprit. It is an amazing looking car, and any major design would ruin the car. Part of its appeal is that it HASN'T changed overmuch in 30 years. It was so far ahead of its time 30 years ago that is still remains one of the most sought after cars on the market today, despite remaining largely the same.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah... they should redesign it and make it sweet right, just like Mitsubishi redesigned the ecpipse, or Mazda redesigned the RX7, or Nissan redesigned the Skyline... yeah sweet, those are all great looking cars... <!-- Signature -->
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    Whats wrong with it? It looks great as it is... my only worry is that if they redesign it, we'll be left with an over-zealously styled monstrosity that will quickly loose its Ohhh Ahh appeal.
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    Whether you feel it could use a new design, you have to respect the Britons for having essentially the same design last for over 25 years. It would be a shame not to mention the inginuity Lotus engineers. This engine is the smallest V8 on the market producing 400 ponies. There's a Lotus dealership near my house and every time I drive by, I stop in and stare at the pair of Esprits they have there. They've told me stories of gentlemen who have cancelled their oders for 996 GT2s and 996 Turbos to pick up one of these lovely ladies. $80k for 4.1 seconds to 60mph? Sounds like a steal to me...
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    I definately don't think so. The esprit has got one of the best looking supercar bodies around. It's like a perfect mix of ferrari and lamborghini styling. Maybe a few little changes every few years, but an extreme change would be heartbreaking.<!-- Signature -->
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    your crazy man this car is beautiful the way it is, minor changes over the years is all it needs<!-- Signature -->
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    I gotta agree with the majority of you. This car remains true to the intentions it was first built with. Nowadays, when cars are very quickly turning to homogeneous techno cutouts, we'll still have this beauty to look at an example of pure performance. No frills, no unnecesary gadjets and useless features. Just timeless automotive style.
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    I still want to see brand new design esprit
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    i LOVE the way this car looks. if lotus chooses to redesign the exterior on account of it being 25+ years old, i really wont mind... as long as i still LOVE the way it looks after it is redesigned.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think it needs some changes. The front looks great, but from the side it looks a bit 2 high. The rims don't suit it. Rear wing is a little finny lokking from the rear, a bit to wide, large and curved. Back isn't toooo bad. The back can pass, but it's a little to high at the back, and that makes it look a little strange. Sde is also a little...flat. I think it's the shape of the side glass that gives this impression. Front, like i said is fine. If they could make a new body, maybe curve it just a little more shape on the sides, reshape the windows and roofline a little, and for goodness sakes reshape that wing. A curved wing on a flat car does not fit. New rims. If they do all this, and make only little, if any changes to the front and rear, then it should be a great looking car.
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    Aging design
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    Is that the Ferrari 308's taillights?? I throught that is a Fiero with a 308GTB bodykit. There are a bunch of those look just like this on Ebay. They sell for around $3000 - $8000.
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    this is an awesome design, and it is not getting old. lotus shouldnt change a goddam thing.<!-- Signature -->
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    Look at that facelift!!! WOW!!!! It looks like last years!!! and the year before that.... and before that.... never mind.<!-- Signature -->

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