This car is bettar than a ferrari!

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Tahoeman, Jan 31, 2003.

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    LOL, no, it's because there'd be endless debates over the true stats, and complaints over how wrong the stats are.

    Name ONE better car in its class.
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    SVT Focus.
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    Good try, the SVT Focus is better than the SI, but was built to compete with the Type-R, which is faster and (arguably, depending on whether you prefer nimble handling with good turn-in, or good cornering stability) handles better.
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    True, the SRT-4 is faster than anything else in its class (other than the WRX, they're pretty close, but the WRX is still faster in 0-60, the 1/4, and around a track), but I said BETTER, not FASTER, and I'm afraid the SRT-4 falls short on this one (depending of course on whether the SRT-4 shares the reliability issues of its predecessors).

    But then, here you have a 2.5 litre Turbocharged (by Mitsubishi btw) I4, that's not a whole lot faster than a 2.0 litre na I4.
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    you say that like hp/l liter is actually worth something
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    For performance, no, generally not, though there are some cases in which a higher hp/l is the only thing making one car faster than the other (example: the jdm Civic Type-R with 1.8 litres that is considerably faster than the 2.0 litre Focus ST-170 - in North America that's the SVT).

    But if you take that into consideration, considering a WRX with .5 litres less displacement is faster, and has more power(yes, I know it has less torque), just think of what they would do with a car that has the same displacement? Oh, wait, they already have, and it's going to have almost 30% more power, and 20% more torque, as well as being more than a full second faster in 0-60, and more than 1.5 seconds faster in the 1/4, all with the same displacement, and Power adders (not to mention the fact that the STI actually has a REAL muffler). Hmm, I think it's safe to conclude that in this case that hp/l does matter, while looking at the 2.5 litre turbocharged SRT-4, and the 2.5 litre turbocharged STI that the STI has the far better engine, and in looking at the performance? there's mor hp/l and more tq/l.
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    yeah, but none of that actually did anything to prove that hp/l is actually worth something, in what instance there are you trying to say that it is actually worth something? just because an engine comes from the factory with higher hp than another car with the same displacement doesnt make it better, hp/l is good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more than getting a lower displacement tax in the few countries that actually tax displacement
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    Practically, no, it's not good for anything, but r u trying to tell me that practicality is the most important thing to you? Come on, you drive a Tahoe for crying out loud.

    However, think what you will of it, the car with more hp/l is faster, without as much hp/l the case would be entirely different.

    P.S. - I find it hilarious that, people are always trying to claim it doesn't mean anything, but if Domestic cars had more hp/l then you people would likely be arguing that it does, and some import fans would be trying to argue it doesn't.

    It's a feeble defence, I don't care whether it actually does anything in a practical sense, the fact is, it still matters.
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    no, it doesnt matter, at all, and american car companies know better than to think that higher hp/l is actually something to strive for, what REALLY matters is Hp/fuel milage, and you know what? on the higher end of things american cars are BETTER at it. there are no 400 hp japanese cars getting 20 mpg in town and 30 on the highway, hell there are no japanese cars with 300 hp getting 20 mpg in town and 30 on the highway. if higher hp/l meant better gas mileage, it might be worth something, but its not, in fact, if anything higher hp/l just means the engine has less headroom for mods.

    and on a different note, whats more practical than a tahoe? can you pull a boat with your civic? can you seat 5 people comfortably with a civic? no, civics are good commuter cars as long as you ARENT trying to do anything practical. just make sure you dont have any friends, or that you can handle being cramped up on a long trip. (my brother has an ex, so i know what thats like)

    bottom line: hp/l isnt good for ANYTHING at all. it shouldnt even be listed as a stat.
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    Think what you will.

    Practicality is far more than towing a boat or hauling a lot of people, practicality is all-round usefulness.

    BTW, I've towed a 1976 Ford F150 20km (up AND down hills) with my little 1.6 litre Civic SI, so I'm pretty sure it could tow a 1000lb boat without any difficulty at all.
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    oh really? so you have a trailer hitch on your little autocross civic? yeah whatever
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    No, I attached it with chains to my tow loop at the back, y'know, the one that you use to pull the car out of a ravine after I let some jackass like you drive it<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.

    BTW - I've only used it in two unofficial autocross races, get your terms straight, using it as a rallycar qualifies it more as a rallycross car, though it's still not used for rallycross exactly.
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    it's true, I'd have to add a trailer hitch to it first though, but they aren't hard to find.

    Axle capacity is 3000lbs.
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    so you pulled a 4500 lb truck with a 3000 lb axle capacity huh? up and down hills too?
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    The truck had all 4 wheels on the ground, so I figured that as long as I rode the clutch, it wouldn't be too hard on the rest of the car.

    I had to keep my speed up for the hills, there were a few times when I was going too slow and the car lugged and stalled.

    But in answer to your question, yep<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Wow, I mean after the posts I have seen of yours, I either think you are a complete idiot or you have a serious mental disability. If you are in 2nd grade you can admit it now and no one will hold it against you because you can't spell at all and you can't speak anywhere close to decent English. As for your car choice, it is your decision but I think it is a retarded one. One you don't make fun of Americans because we make some of the best cars that money can buy. With names like Corvette, Viper, and Mustang there really is no match for these imports. The Corvette Zo6 right now pumps out 405 bhp. The 2003 Mustang Cobra has all new modifications and now pumps out 390 bhp. And for the Viper, simply amazing, 500 bhp. The SVT Focus has 170 bhp stock and with the new Dodge Neon SRT-4 which pumps out 205 bhp stock. You can easily tune those to beat any import of its class. American cars aren't all about just how fast they are, it is alot of heritage and history behind these cars. You can never macth the sound of a American Muscle car screaming down a straight away and I am glad my car doesn't sound like a weedwhacker. I don't care what you send back to me because I know I hate all of these Jap imports and I think they are terrible choices for young kids thinking they are cool because they have a hopped up Civic. Really I would rather buy a Ford minivan than a Civic anyday because I know one it won't sound like a peice of yard equipment and the car will actually stay together.
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    i thought the civic TYPE R was made in egland and is the 1st english honda 2 be sold in japan

    TYPE R is a well nice car better than a sh!tty ford focus
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    i though that the civic TYPE R is british and its the first british built honda 2 be sold in japan and its way better than some sh!ty focus
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    some of the stuff at the start craked me up it was so funny and even more funny is that some people beleive that guy was serios
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    Tahoeman, it appears you are another Domesticrit trying to sound like a "Gangsta".

    Again, another wonderfull example of a Domestic retard.

    BTW, GM SUCKS A-S-S!!!!

    go get a life biaaatch!!

    -700HPCIVIC has spoken.
    "Dude, you just got beat by a Civic, bet you feel retarded now?"
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    wow way to read the whole thread you dumb ****
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    go get a life biaaatch?? Did you just say that in my forums? Oh HELL no!

    By the way, you dont own a 700HP civic, you dont even own a civic. Infact, you dont even know how to drive, you arent even old enough.

    And if GM sucks so much ass why is it that they are the biggest car company?

    Talking about car companies... lets talk honda. Now, honda may make reliable, affordable cars, but their performance area is weak. Their high end civic, the Si, gets killed by fords SVT focus in every aspect. Your S2000? The camaro and firebird killed it, but of course they are not made anymore, so I will have to tell you to spend a few thousand more and buy an SVT cobra. Who the hell wants a little 4 banger w/250 horse and NO AFTERMARKET when you can have a 390 horse V8 with one of the easiest tuned engines on the market today? You can get into the 11s VERY easily with these cars with almost no tuning. Yeah, lets talk about which car companies blow ass.

    "Dude, you just got owned by a redneck, bet you feel retarded now?"
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    who cares if you have a 10 second ford it cant even last 4 winters

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