This Car Is Great!!!!

Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang SR' started by SupraMan, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. I jsut thought i might be the first one in this god-forsaken and biased forum to actually praise the beautiful piece of machinery! Why are most of you criticising it when you probably cant even afford it?! Shame, shame, shame...
  2. horrible

    it looks like a #$%#in import.
  3. Re: horrible

    Sooo?? Pics always lie you know.
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    I have recently been to the Saleen factory in Irvine CA and saw the new saleen SR they were making (they had quite a few s281's and a couple s7's but only one SR) the Mustang is ripped apart and all the equipment that ford installs is replaced by saleen and other performance products and white is a terrible color for the car anyway the one they were building was made out in chameleon paint job which looks exquisite on the 500+ hp car and they make far less of the SR than any other model per a year, and while i was at the factory i had a peek at a couple yet - TBA saleen cars.....
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    and whats wrong with import cars BTW?
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    Not really
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    i agree
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    this car is so sick looking..
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    this car is so sick looking..all mustangs are great...but this one is a little cooler lookin...

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