This car isa wonkey!!!!!!

Discussion in '2001 Mitsuoka Orochi Concept' started by Yeppi, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this is a car that if u went on a flat straight it would wobble over.HE HE!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    And not only that... The car is a concept so probably it will never be produced. That's why concept cars exist - to draw and build something crazy just to show the rest of the world what you could do.
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    Just like the Mitsubishi Laguna... 8 yrs. ago... It was
    so cool, so rad, so perfect... but they didn't produce it...<!-- Signature -->
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    Your all geeks. Yeppi knows what hes talking about cos hes a genius about cars. so shut up!<!-- Signature -->

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