This Car only makes 180 HP

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  1. This car has been dyno'd and has only made around 170-180 HP ( I know car companys overrate there HP numbers but this is a huge drop from the claimed 250), Some are saying its some kinda break in period but there are a lot of pissed off RX8 owners.Mazda is offering 2 choices 1. Free Scheduled maintenance for the factory warranty and 500 cash back or Mazda buys back the car. Check the RX8 fourms theres a lot of info there. I personally dorve it and it was really gutless, I still think its a sweet car tho. In a year or 2 there should be a turbocharged MazdaSpeed version of this car and they are bringing back the 7. Rumored to have 300HP
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    DonŽt hold your breath while waiting for a RX7, I think Mazda will go
    for the RX8 as the only wankel powered car. Sure Mazda had a hard time meeting the emissions standard in the USofA, one of the main things that made them stop selling the RX7 there...
  3. reliability of rotary?

    every time you look for a used rotary power car they many times mention that they replaced the engine. Is this cause the engine is unreliable?
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    its called power train loss, the 255hp is at the flywheel, but as the dynoed the 230hp one 180hp to the ground is exacly right.

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    This Car only makes 180 HP

    Its called theres a lot of pissed of Mazda Owners
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    what a shame~~~
    shouldnt have lied
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    I highly doubt that the Mazda RX-8 is losing about 70 horsepower through the drivetrain. Come on guys...Think! Not even Honda cars lose that much power and they are notorious for that sort of thing.
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    180 WHEEL horse power is probably close to right. i dont know off hand the first gear ratio, axle ration and finla drive ratio but typically its safe to assume 10-15 power loss through the drive train.
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    You dont believe me, Check the RX-8 fourms for your self. I doubt MazdaNA would have sent out a letter letting owners have the opition of having the car bought back without some seriously significant decrease and pissed off owners. You can be as skeptical as you want but go to the fourms and look at the dyno results results for yourself, Ive seen them have you?
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    Are the people who are unhappy sure that they didn't buy the Sport Automatic style of the RX-8. It would make sense because it is only rated at 197hp, versus the 6 Speed Manual, whick is rated at 238hp. Just a thought.

    I used if anyone wants to check it out.
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    Hmmm is that 180 at the wheels?? I always thought the RX-8 had around 200HP, thats why I was interested in this thread (and like the 350Z better).
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    ahh shuit the hell up honda isnt nutorious for losing a lot of horsepower thru the drivetrain.

    and yer also a num nut look at what the "actual" horsepower is 230 dum#$%#.

    thats sounds about right.
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    No. Its because dumbasses cant drive and try to power shift at 9000 rpm's and miss the gear. Thats how they get damaged. Rotory engines are very good. There are however a few drawbacks. One is emissions problems. It is very hard to make a rotary engine with low enough engine emisions that will be accepted by the government. #2 is that rotary engines are more expensive to manufacture. Over all they are great engines with a very strong race record for reliability. Hope that answered your question.
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    The actual power output of the 6 port renesis is 238 hp. The 4 port renesis has 198 hp. I think that these numbers are at the flywheel.
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    OH and I subscribe to Road & Track, and there have been multiple little articles about a new RX-7 in a few years.
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    ever been in a rx-7...?
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    And rotary engines are harder to work on, and hard to find people who know how to work on them well.
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    Does it really matter about how much power this car initially makes? If you are so concerned with stock power, why not just eliminate the aftermarket? I'm sure you'd love to see that. Besides, what do you care whether it makes 180 hp? I say go out and drive an RX-8 bfore you pass judgement.
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    Quite true they don't advertise it with 250 bhp any more because they are lying. It really only puts out 210 bhp.
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    The reason is becuase the RX-8 is so self aware. The RX-8 notices that the rear wheels are moving and the front wheels are not. Thus the computer realizes that there most likely is not enough air flow over the cat to cool it off. Thus the computer makes the car run extra rich which drops hp down to the 180 range. If you were to make the correct calculations for a honda S2000 the bhp rating is at 240 and the wheel hp is at about 200. So possibly the RX-8 is about 200hp? Leave it to me to come on here and post for my first time and teach everyone a little something. Happy Learning!
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    Quite usefull.
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    while I know this RX-8 info is all true, but don't you take the credit - it's all reported in the current issue (Dec. 2003) of Sport Compact Car magazine, the one with the white RX-7 and a spray painted 'drift dreams' tag on the cover.
    and to answer other questions, rotaries are always rebuilt b/c they generate soo much heat that they usually blow and need fixin', especially with TT. In the same magazine they show a drift spec RX-7 and it has EVERYTHING cooled, even the fuel going from the gas tank to the engine.
    Motor Trend guy, put away that american-ad-trash magazine and pick up something with real editorial content ie: Sport Compact Car (which admitedly has limited coverage of the auto market but at least does a good job of what it covers and stays true to real performance and not all that 'ICE' crap) or the European 'Car', the best damn mag i have ever read.
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    If you dunno whats on, dont do shit....

    It has 238 at the fly, 195 at the wheels. Drivetrain loss. Come on.
    And WTF is that shit bout buying the car back by Mazda? I NEVER heard of it and I drive one.

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