This car was and still is way ahead of it's time.

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    not the best anymore
    ME Four 12 rules now
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    Has anyone actually tooken the time to look at the interior design of this? Not only is it extremely ahead of its time but the overall design is still ahead of its time in realism.
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    Yes I agree. Thats probably why it never got marketed
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    Yeah, I would hate to see the price of one of these lol.
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    At least around a Million or more in price.
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    Actually, They said they easily with a medium boost they could get 900hp out of the GT90. Read the motor Trend Article
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    The price to produce this beast is something around $760,000 to $860,000, i think the latter. The interior is much ahead of its time. Look at the interior and you'll see. So is the engine. Welding two V6s (which were actually V8s but had two cylinders chopped off each) and safely using that block is a novel idea and a daunting task. No other company would ever try that in the 90s and probably not even today had it not been for Ford doing it. And quad turbos? Lots of engine heat. Thats why the engine bay is lined with tiles similar to those on the bottom of the space shuttle to prevent the body from melting or being damaged by the heat. The GT90 also featured a spoiler that came up when it hit a certain speed (100 MPH i think) and went down at about 60 mph, another first if I'm correct. The advantage of this "computerized" spoiler is evident, allowing it to get the downforce when it is necessary, and not while its driving down the street, which would only create drag. And yet another technological feat, it has a sensor system similar to those on today's high scale SUVs that alerts the driver when he is approaching an object close in his blind spot. Yes, its still way ahead of its time.
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    Thank you... As I've said before, Americans are way too impressed with the brute strength of their own ridiculous creations to see that the way the power is transferred to the ground is more important than the power itself. I can make a naturally aspirated V12 with more horsepower while using the same displacement, easy. If built to the right standards (American production standards are quite sloppy when it comes to engines) the V12 I built could outperform this V12QT while maintaining a shorter response and quite possibly greater reliability while saving weight. And, with an engine like this, hand-laid suspension wouldn't seem like an outlandish idea. Although suspension can be hand-laid and poorly designed. I would suggest that Ford enlist the help of performance suspension manufacturers to create a suspension setup that could keep this car on the road. I DO NOT like American cars... especially their attempts at supercars. It's almost personal, they're invading Italy's territory. However, if Ford, or another American company, were to build a worthy opponent to Ferrari... I'd say more power to them. What America needs to do is stop worrying about their finances and start building some high quality products. I have faith in American engineering and innovation, but they need to prove themselves. And don't get me started on the new Ford GT. The GT can barely keep up w/ a Ferrari 360 CS while boasting 100 horses more. Oh, and it drives like a boat. Perhaps Ford should take a shot at the Enzo. if they're going to be taken seriously, they need to do something groundbreaking. How's this? Carbon monococque (I can see the engineers at Ford cringing as they read this), VPS-esque suspension, ALUMINUM (not cast iron like the GT) V12 block, 600 horses... but faster and better handling than the Enzo. If you'll notice, I used a lower horsepower figure than the Enzo. America needs to start making more from less. Ok, my rant is just about over. But I do have a lot of respect for the GT40. And British cars like the TVR are great too by the way.

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    This car was and still is way ahead of it's time.

    Why is it ahead of it's time? This is as much an american muscle car as the L88! I must admit that it's quite tasteful in its appearance and very powerful, but ahead of it's time? No. Turbo V12's have a history before the GT90, the front brakes on this car are only 328 mm, not a whole lot smaller than those on my Golf! (288 mm). And on top of that they have 18" rims in the front and 19" in the back (to make the front rotors look bigger than those in the back?) which makes the brakes look small, just like a civic with 19" rims and drum brakes! Look at the Koenig F40 or Testarossa if you want to see cars ahead of their time. Using both a supercharger and turbo on already very powerful V12 engines making the cars accelerate HARD even beyond 180 mph, THAT is impressive. And yeah, they've been in production. Exclusive numbers, but they are still production cars.
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    quad v-12 only 720horse that sucks! But it looks good
  11. They tuned the boost pressure down for reasons such as, overheating, less reliable and so on so forth.
    They coould easily get 1300 hp out of this if they tuned the boost pressure to its max.
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