This DB9 owner is gonna be pisssssed!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by rabbitl1, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. I fast they steal them.
  2. It's not funny. Whoever did this should be murdered
  3. i think its funny as hell. esp since the guy seems to be a prick with am 007 license plates. he thinks hes james bond.
  4. No, kill a person is wrong and medieval. But I think the owner has the right to torture the bastard, rape his mother and set his house on fire.
  5. No, thats called being creative.

    And yes the person who done this should be shot
  6. putting Bond related plates on a AM is as creative as choosing a Devil plate for a diablo.
  7. Oh shut up, its very creative and suits the car.
  8. Its totally predictable, just browse around recent AM pics and you will find lots of plates like this one
  9. Because its good.

    Also Devil plates on a diablo would be awesome
  10. RThe first guy who did that was creative... probabily with a DB5. But today... there's a Z3 in my city with 007 plates... Lots of people do it. It's not creative at all.
  11. 007 plates are shit

    AM 007 On a Aston Martin DB9 is awesome
  12. No AM LM plates would be the awesome
  13. I give up
  14. You may like the plates, but they're still not creative.

    BTW... it's not Austin Martin, it's Aston.
  15. Actually, the guy should actually put some reeeeeallly lame wheels back on to really piss the owner.

    eg. regular stock rims with those wal-mart plastic spinner rim covers.

  16. hahahaha he better put weels on that stupid car
  17. Shut your mouth, you ugly nigger.
  18. its not me in the picture its fifty cents u stupid retard and i know him in real life we can go to ur house with gun now if we want to. dont talk to me in that way!
  20. I know who it is in your avatar. Tell to that thing with no personality which wants to call itself 50cent not to step in Monaco ever again. Stay in your house, Detroit.
  21. 50 cent sucks
  22. ehy be careful or he will kill u!!! ahahahah
  23. Did you grow up in compton with 50 cent?
  24. i think thats hilarious - obviously it isnt if it happens to you. if i did that, id leave more blocks for the car

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