This doesn't belong here!

Discussion in '1964 Morgan +4+ Coupé' started by AntiDomestic, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. Why the hell is there a Suv or whatever this crap is on a site called!~?
    That's sad not only is it not a SuperCar it's not even a car!
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    It's still not a supercar,it needs to go!
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    Oh wait, your right its not a car. Good call slick <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I supose it is somewhat out of place seeing that it will turn better ET's than many of the cars on here.
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    1. This topic is dumb
    2. You're dumb
    3. You shouldn't be a Guru rank, you're too foolish to see what kind of vehicles are hosted on this site. There's not only supercars on this site, I thought everyone would see that after staying here for 1 day..otherwise you're pretty dumb.
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    and your mad because there is an SUV, when there are trucks on this site too? personally, I don't care what kind of vehicles are on here
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    I know what kind of vehicles are on this site idiot,and this isn't the only pile of shit that should not be on here.
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    It's so funny listening to ignorance from someone who knows nothing about a Typhoon or even the faster Syclone.

    Your obviously venting because your Honda got waxed by one.

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    hmmmmm....for being a guru, you sure seem to miss the fact that not every vehicle on this site has to be a 500HP supercar or whatever...this entire GMC forum is all trucks, the Ford Lightning is in here, the Silverado SS, the Chevrolet SSR Pickup (which all deserve respect for not only their looks but their power and appeal) is also here as well, and they have as much right to be here as this does...the Typhoon whooped ass in it's heyday and I wish I could own one of these..hell, I wish my little Sonoma could handle like this, but that's what the Syclone is for!!

    every vehicle on this site, whether it is a 1900 Benz Rennwagen, a British MG, Austin, Triumph, Morgan, Sunbeam, or an American Packard or DeSoto or whatever are on this site because in their heyday they were the best of the we call them classics, and we admire them for what they are..classics and supercars!
  10. Re:

    I have to agree with the thread:This should not be here it's not a supercar.I don't care how fast it goes in a straight line that does not make it a SuperCar and it should not be here along with plenty of other
    cars(mustang/focus etc..)or any truck/suv for that matter.
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    Enough complaining about the legitamcy of this car. This car is special, regardless of the fact that it's technically an "SUV," or doesn't fit the typical supercar prototype. This website showcases special autos of all different types and is simply called "" because it generally encompasses what all these cars have in common: performance. Everyone has a little different preference and idea of what the means, and that's what makes it interesting. Granted if there was a Hyundai Santa Fe or something on here, we might question what its doing, but hopefully those threads regarding it would remain empty, thereby killing off the attention for it and upholding the integrity of overall.
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    You sir....are an idiot.

    Not only could this car whoop all over your lawnmower, it could also beat a ZR1 in a quarter when it was built.
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    You must be refering to the sy instead of the ty. Winning 1/4mile drags against a ZR1 is based purely on driver skill of the opponent. If he launches and shifts just right, the syclone loses, he makes a mistake, the syclone wins. Of course this assumes both vehicles are stock, and in reality most people dont run completely stock.
    However the sy and ty immediately lose out to the ZR1 going farther than a 1/4 mile sprint.
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    Your rank means nothing. It is based on Karma and posts.
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    hmmmmm....for being a guru, you sure seem to miss the fact that not every vehicle on this site has to be a 500HP supercar or whatever...

    Just because he created 1300 worthless, unintelligent posts doesn't make him a guru. Everyone 4 this Typhoon is more guru than his arrogant self-centered ego could ever dream to be.
  16. Re: Re:

    And your 308 ferrari is just breaking all the records stock , right
    That car would be lucky to run a 14 sec. 1/4, what a joke.

    I will run you in my little black s-10 pickup, light to light anyday for 5000.00 dollars baby, bring it.
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    Is that your f-40 in the avatar or you posing, if it is how many times have you had it to the track, what did it run, how many times has it been in the shop, comeon now, be honest, you know it has been in the shop alot, whats a oil change cost, 500.00 dollars, what a joke, and to think i could smoke your shit in a 1/4 mile race, and my truck was only 14500. (ferrari pal, more than you can afford)
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    this car sucks
  19. Re: This doesn't belong here!

    Antidomestic = one of the many fools that exist on this small planet

    Angry cause u probably had your ass handed to u by a typhoon in ur pos honda.
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    A car is only not a car when it turns into a driveway. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    You needto be able to back that up. OK and yes it is ans SUV, so what. There are trucks on here, and you arent complaining about them. You ppl who don't like this, and say it shouldn't be on here are just arrogant. It does deserve to be here, so what if it doesnt cost an arm, a leg, and a first born.
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    Yes, no supercar. Thats why they have AWD Typhoons in the 10's and AWD Syclones breaking 10. Piss on your Italian Trash. As for "its not a car" Car is a loosely used term(generic). Did you want the site to be called NO. Why dont you respect that a SUV can hand you your ass. I respect when an Import takes me. Also...why did you come to a GMC Typhoon sub forum? To ***** about them? Wow, glad you have alot of time on your hands. As for the rank "super car guru" The people who made this site are the gurus and added the Typhoon because they know what it is and have an open mind. They know that just because its not a "car" as you so put it or some Imported "super car" doesnt mean its not a mean *****. So mabey we should change your title to "I hate anything thats American because I have no taste and think Honda Civic's with B16's are supercars".Hey while I'm out kicking your ass in my 12year old SUV want me to stop and pick of some groceries for ya? I know that little matchbox toy you have doesnt even have room in the glovebox. Meanwhile me and my 3 friends will be laughing our ass's off that we just took some import pos.
  23. The typhoon is a supercar and then some, to me it is the most attractive suv of all time stock, and it has amazing performance. the reason i think it belongs here is because its a grocery getter that will eat just about everything. It also has very nice leather interior
  24. Antidomestic is an idiot, saying that american cars suck, i would put a typhoon up against anything, and there is nothing better than a camaro with a 502 engine, which would smoke anything from ur gay jap country. American made is where it is at.
  25. He clearly stated in the beginning of this thread " along with plenty of other cars ,focus , musclecars etc... : and trucks shouldn't be here .

    I know the Typhoon goes pretty quick 0-100 mph for a truck/suv but 125mph topspeed proves how unsuper it really is.

    My sisters Honda Civic can do 125mph and it's bone-stock. meh.


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