This GTO is not an american icon

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by chevs991, Feb 20, 2003.

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    this thing has little (if any) styling cues from the original... Who desigend this? The price is probably gonna be high becase of the GTO label.
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    This was designed by holden
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    i dont give a crap....<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    This GTO is crap. Wheres the hood scoops? The only reason the GTO is back is because Pontiac wants needs another name for thier line-up
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    yes....this car is crap
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    To me the GTO used to be a menacing muscle car, now, becuse of this car, the name GTO is just another name, Pontiac messed up. I saw a Hot Wheels car of some sort of a Pontaic concept that I think HW made up. Well this looks like a GTO and it definatly loks menacing. Ill try to find a picture...
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    I agree with you this car is nothing compared to the old GTOs and i reckon GM were just to lazy to design a new car so they took the coupe version of our (us austrlians) family sedan, changed the badges, gave it a body kit and expected u american guys to accept it, on the other hand i think its a pretty kewl car and taht it performs to. Not as good as the HSV Commodore Coupe which has a modified version of the Monaros engine pumping out 306kW.(around 400hp i think)
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    This is a holden, with what, a low tech american made push rod engine. Come on pontiac.
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    whats wrong with that, if the power is still there it doesnt matter if its pushrod. holden make the best rwd cars within gm so it is really common sense to use them
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    Ya knwo what? I am going to disagree with just about everybody here... and ask what that guy who's big into vette's is thinking... this is a different car with the Vette motor in it... and this car perfectly exemplifies the GTO in a modern world... once you all actually know something about the GTO, the greatest car in the world. then you can start running your mouths off... granted it doesn't look like the GTO's of old.. but then again use your friggin heads.. look how much styling changed in just the ten years that they made GTO's look at the extreme change in body from 64 to 74. now imagine some 30 years later.. of course it's going to look different.
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    Well. Goat, there's no reason to get all hyped up about it. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. As for mine,

    The GTO may not look like a real muscle car like the 2005 Mustang concept did. However, the feel of it on the road, the feel of the vette block pulling the g's on the road are worthy enough to give it a name of GTO.
    As for Holden, they are some of the best car designers in the world. However, they have not exactly been themselves lately, or would I say they didn't do enough research on the GTO's original muscle car roots and styling cues.

    But, there is one point that is made! The GTO's back... like it or not....

    Personally, I am dearly hoping that the Hemi Cuda will come back (or charger) under Chrysler's name....


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