this is a shed!

Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by calsonickid, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. for a vette, this is crap. the Zo6 is faster.
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    please just shut up.. we are all now dumber for you having said that, you have no idea what you are talking about and may god have mercy on your soul... if by some chance the stats on here are right and the Z06 is faster 0-60 guess what that means, nothing, because this is faster on the quarter mile and top speed, and thats all that matters. The 650tt does 0-100 in 7.9 secs compared to the Z06s 9.5 (which is still hella fast) In conclusion both cars are off the hook, the 650tt is obviously faster, and if you think this thing is crap, you are gay, and please think before you write something next time.
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    "his is a shed"

    not really its the wrong shape. and sheds have more storage room id say it was more of a supercar.
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    Kids these days, I tell ya. These cars are excellent, quality build, supercars. God, I don't even want to talk right now......
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    vettes r shit, end of story!
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    But no, i have the lighter fighter edtion.
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    oh yea vettes suck dumbass. what to you like a nissan skyline. i hate skylines cuz peoples think they are so freakin awesome and there not. they cost way to much and you have to put even more money into is just to keep up with a vette
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    your a dumbass
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    and you, my fellow car nut, for being a supercar guru I would have expected more than this empty quote from you...Vettes are not shit, they are THE shit, especially this one!! this is a true Viper Killer, and could probably keep up with any modern Ferrari (456M 456GT, 550 and 360 Modena) out there today...*sigh*..ignorance...
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    and I suppose your Skyline could keep up with or beat this 650 HP Monster of a Vette? put them on a track or a dragstrip and chances are this Vette will whoop the crap outta your Skyline...this along with the ZO6 are quite possibly the best 'Vettes ever made...(along with the 1967 Corvette 435HP/427 Sting Ray Roadster..probably the most powerful 'Vette ever made..)
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    ur are very homosexual, end of story! i bet 3/4 of ur 1000 post are three words or less.
  13. Re: this is a shed! not sure why people think that a car that is this nice, fast and quik could be crap. oh and if u are so dumb and dont know what the difference between being fast and quick is just ask and il try to break it down for ya.
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    What a dumbass, this vette will demolish those try hard jap cars, and this isnt the most powerful corvette, try the 427TT, 802hp, 866ftlb torque, 0-60 in 1.9 secs, 1/4 mile in 8.9 secs with Michelin Pilot sport tires, talk about rape? Well that is exactly what the 427TT does.
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    No offence bobs318dart but this car is quick and fast. Just look at its numbers.

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