this is bull shiting

Discussion in '2006 Hennessey Viper Venom 800R' started by kajiba san, May 14, 2007.

  1. big displacement, little horses.
    whose gonna buy that??
    just look at the nose, whats that?
  2. Vipers have always been about these massive engines that produce little hp, this venom has the Hp/litre relationship of a toyota echo...
  3. Little power? It has 810 hp, pretty much pushing the limits of street tires. The thing does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and 230 mph. I'll tell you who will buy it, someone who wants a ludicrously fast car that sounds like a monster instead of a go kart.
  4. With that engine (10 liters!!!), that should be on something like a boat or a tank rather than in a car, this thing should have at least 1000 bhp.
  5. hey Microfono99 the viper has an engine size of 8.3 liters and ten CYLINDERS don't talk about the greatest machine in the world if u don't know your crap oh and the new venom puts out 1100 HP
  6. It's all about the powerband, this thing's huge engine will still be putting out 800 horses all day long, your crappy Japanese engine will go ballistic in 10 minutes of highway speeds. No riced up import is as good as an exotic, doesn't matter if it's a perfectly designed italian V-12 or the brute force of this V-10.
  7. It makes over 800hp. It also makes a ton of torque. You look at it like this car has a huge engine with only 800 hp, but I look at it like this car doesn't need turbochargers or 8500 rpm to make 800 hp.
  8. lol true
  9. hands fast ass car

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