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Discussion in '1994 Ferrari F355 GTS' started by Compaq, Aug 9, 2002.

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    This one by far is the nicest...<!-- Signature -->
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    oh yeah its great.
    its got that classic design you know.
    that car kills in red <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    True, i love this car, it is one of my favorite Ferraris. It is just sooooo beautiful!<!-- Signature -->
  4. This is my favourite.It just does it for me even after it has been replaced.I prefer sticking to conventional aluminium 'H' manual shift box with the roof on.Sure top down is stunning but to me this summs all that is quality in a fine motor car. The 360 is stunning aswell,and living in London I get to see quite a few, but it hasnt won me over (yet) so the 355 still has my vote as.It still has a bit of 'Magnum' in it which the 360 loses. Performance is more than adequate and the v8 with 5v/cyl is a peach. If you have never seen or heard one of these wet dreams on the move you really have missed out on one of lifes finer things.<!-- Signature -->
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    Could this be the most beautiful car ever?? well i think it is certinly the best Ferrari ever. <!-- Signature -->
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    In the 'looks' department this is one of the best Ferraris ever made. Its simply a beutiful machine. And I love the F1 paddle shift you can get on these.

    I think its beutiful and stunning. The F50 is has more presence on the road then the F355, simply because (common admit it) its much more stunning then the F355. But the F50 isn't quite as beutiful as the F50. <!-- Signature -->
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    it is great, but I don't like their paddle shifters.<!-- Signature -->
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    Best Ferrari ever made?


    Best Naturally Aspirated V8 ferrari ever made?

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