This is one of my favourit cars

Discussion in '2000 Saleen S7' started by lurbo, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. As the McLaren F1 and F1LM
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    looks wild doesnt it?????????
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    Yes Indeed i agree with you on that one.
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    i would have to agree, this is one bad ass car
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    this would be in my top ten.
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    You gotta admit this is one of the coolest cars out thanks to steve saleen but its too bad there is not John Lingenfelter for it like the Corvette, If I were to tune it I would definitly use fords SVT BOSS concept engine based on a Ford 429 block uped to a 10 liter making 850 HP naturally aspirated so use the 10 liter Ford engine with stage 3 ported and polished heads, titanium valvesprings, titanium valvespring retainers, titanium pushrods, titanium lifters,Stage 4 Nitrous Oxide(directly injected),Stage 4 TWIN TURBO(not no pussy single turbo even though they are good too but not on big engines)running at least 35 PSI boost paired with the biggest intercooler you will ever see,low compression racing cylinders( to prevent blowing your cylinder walls out if you have 35 PSI boost and combustion and for Nitrous Oxide for the extra assurance so you won't turn you car into a bomb)racing cams,racing cam gears,advanced engine electonics(for better timing increasing horsepower),racing ignition, oversized sparkplug wires, iridium sparkplugs(yes sparkplugs can also increase horsepower), proper engine balancing,racing injectors, 2 racing fuel pumps, oil cooler, racing oil pump,racing radiator,oversized turbo downpipes,custom strait exaust pipes (no bends at all),racing filters,racing steals and that kind of stuff,full carbon fiber body,custom 7 speed paddle shifted manual transmission,racing rear end,racing flywheel, triple plate racing clutch,racing springs and suspension,fully carbon fiber interior, chasis racing stiffiners,spoiler(one that gives downforce and lots of it),front air diffuser(same thing as spoiler but on front,yes fully functonal with lots of downforce),hoosier slicks and very very low profile tires for street use,aluminum 1 peice rims,throttle by wire,5 point seat belts, welded in rollbars,racing piston rings,last but not least no air condioning no heater no radio(to save weight just like carbon fiber)
    and that is your perfect or near perfect tuner S7 and no body enhancements(not including spoilers)I.E. body kits cause its a waste of weight

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