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  1. loose the all caps title.
  2. HA! OMG thats funny.
  3. Not as good as a mid 80's Volvo station wagon w/ a big block in it running 10's
  4. If that were an '81 volvo 240 wagon with a 427 cross-oiler, then I'd be impressed.
  5. Does that Hockey stick come with it?
  6. Illegal in California.
  7. Wow. That is one amazing car. All I would do is fix up the exterior and the interior. I don't like stripped out interiors, even if they do lighten the car.
  8. That's ALL you would do? Overhalling the interior and exterior are not exactly small tasks.
  9. that is definately a sleeper.
  10. That's a pretty good deal.
  11. cool, all it needs is a paint job.
  12. That's not really a sleeper. People assume that Mustangs are fast, so this won't work. Put that same engine in a Volvo 240DL or something, that's a sleeper.
  13. great car but still a mustang. i say that due to the fact they are like numerous here in CA. id still go for a Buick GNX, iMHO the ultimate sleeper and not seen as much here in CA (at least here in burbank)
  14. The GNX is a sleeper? Everyone knows that car is fast, even my mom, and it says 3.8 SFI Turbo on the hood, has dual exhaust, and sounds powerful, it's the opposite of a sleeper in anything.
  15. But can the car STOP!??
  16. yes, but not ignorant rice boys, along with ignorant domestic owners (who dont know about real japanese sports cars, and such and are deluded to think that performance is what those rice boys do)which infest burbank,ca(where i live) sooo much.
  17. Awesome. I'd jsut ad lame bumper stickers and get different colored doors. It would be badass.
  18. The only thing I would do to it is add a rebel flag bumper sticker.
  19. if someone mistakes that for a 4 cylinder and races it they deserve worse than what they get. . .

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