This is the fastest?

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by Discector, Aug 9, 2002.

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    <b>This is the fastest ever. How can a 880 horse power car beat a 1334 horsepower car? This is even faster than the P-140 world war II plane. Too bad you can't use it for street racing.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    For every hp you need to push through the air at 100 mph, you need 8 to go 200 mph. So, if you have less aero drag, you can make up even a large deficit in power at high speed just by being slippery to the air.
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    I fuking hate GM and American muscle in general. Still regardless of a presence of a hand full of hopped up rice burners, and the sweet Euros that can run along side this eyesore, you half to give GM or Callaway more accurately, props for building it. I don't have respect for American sports cars because of the fact that they tend to be "fast in a straight line" cars. But given the fact that this is a "Fast in a straight-line category" no complaints can really be made, nor is there any relevence to making comments about "how it would go through a slalom" becuase the category is "TOP SPEED" not "TOP SPEED AND TURNING"
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    cool people like oliver peck are stupid- ok, that sounds like abook by charles dickens, ahh yes, oliver twist. Ok lets see here, anyone can say i love ferrari. They do look nice. But its not american. Have a little pride buddy. Remember 9/11, not a good thing.
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    996T 2ND2NONE - European and Jap. cars can't keep up with this, being the fastest street legal car and all. It's pretty obvious. I already showed you a whole lot of muscle cars that could burn you so what do you have against them? Most every American sports car has better slalom & skidpad than your car, maybe not a few mustangs, so I guess that makes your car a "straight line car". Your car also only weighs 100 lb. less than most muscle cars.

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    >>"the Veilside Supra cannot reach 260mph seeing that its torque to weight ratio is pretty weak. especially with a heavy cocpit. there are many cars faster than this. this car is "the fastest" because it ran on a straightaway for like 5 mins...the Vectos Wx3 can beat this. and there's the SVS Stryker Twin Turbo (Dodge Viper)... "

    that has to be the most uneducated thing i've ever heard.

    top speed depends on low resistance and high POWER. torque and weight have ZERO influence on top speed, other than the fact that power is directly related to RPM * torque.

    power/weight ratio (all other things being equal) will determine acceleration.

    power/resistance (including air, ground resistance) determines top speed. air resistance is then a complex function of body shape (drag coefficient), cross section, air pressure, temperature, etc. etc. etc.

    sorry but you really couldn't have been more wrong
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    That's 1988 technology. Newer cars today may be faster but you know what, they should. In 1988 Japan was making 90hp Civic's and calling them technologically advanced.
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