this is too much

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  1. dunno if its been posted

    "This Kawasaki ZX10R is not your standard motorcycle. It has 12 loudspeakers with 1,500 watts of output, two iPod’s (one is never enough), a Sony PSP, a flat screen with DVD and remote control. Are you ready for the best part?…a connection for an electric guitar."
  2. People are retarded. I hate people
  3. Raul @ OG Audio hooked that B!tch up!
  4. Im gonna go ahead and say this while knowing it sounds really racist

    That wasnt a white persons bike.
  5. nice bike turned into ugly pos
  6. /Diablo
  7. at least the diablo is done nice
  9. Why bother leaving the engine in it? Or the wheels? Or any of the bodywork or frame for that matter?
  11. would be good if you needed sometype of stereo you can bring everywhere.
  12. dear god thats a waste of money
  13. The one in your avatar is an ugly pos.
  14. Whoever did this deserves to die.
  16. Haha kind of neat
  17. With all those subs it looks like it�s caught the bubonic plague.

    I hope it does.
  18. At least make it black, gee.
  19. awful...

    but the idea of being able to hook up an electric guitar and use your bike as an amp is kinda cool. ultimate panty remover, a guitar playing motorcyclist. though i wouldnt carry my guitar on my bike
  20. It has been posted before, but it's like that riced-out Espada or that p'shopped A8: they're really popular even though almost everyone hates them.

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