This is wack, yo.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Robot Jim, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. The high yesterday was 68F, and the low 46F.
  2. Lucky. On Satuday, the high for me will be 8F and the low will be -4F.
  3. Tornado!
  4. holy shit snow.
  5. Whose Mustang be that?
  6. The high yesterday was 73. Don't know what the low was.
  7. speaking of tornado, we had a tornado watch today and the lights went out. It was about 60 degrees F, but now it has dropped to 44 degrees and they are actually predicting snow flurries and sleet for Christmas eve. Weather is crazy down here.
  8. Thats [email protected] crazy before i once saw lightning during a snow storm.
  9. My brother's.
  10. The only thing that's weird, is your damned choice of words.
  11. Nice, notch backs are awesome but he needs the spoiler. It was only offered in 1992 I think but there are plenty of reproductions on the market.
  12. I have only seen one of them here.
  13. Nobody cares.

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