This or a Campagna T-Rex

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  1. Which one do you prefer?
  2. T rex

    faster, better skidpad, looks cooler, sounds better [i assumer]

    this looks like a play toy but the Trex looks like a beast
  3. 17000 dollars?!! I could build something from scratch in that type of platform that could outperform this.
  4. T-Rex, however its good to see some competition for it.
  5. Niether, sure the T-Rex looks better but they are impossible to see. I was driving in my car which is lowered and i only heard it go by me. I had no idea it was there, and i didnt see the damn thing until it was 30ft ahead of me.
  6. this will be worse, it doesnt have a roof, ur gonna think a lone helmet just wizzed by ur car

    also its a quieter engine, the Trex has a loud Gixxer engine
  7. Why the hell would you judge a car solely by wether or not you saw it when it drove by?
  8. that would we a sight...a helmet float by your window
    ..the VW looks slicker, but i'd definetly go with the t-rex not only because its a better...trike?....overall, but because its outta Quebec Canada...where i need to go this year to get a supercharger...maybe i'll take one for a spin while im there
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  10. T-Rex, always wanted one, an his snt aggresive enough
  11. The T-Rex for me. This doesn't look bad though.
  12. The T-Rex for me. This doesn't look bad though. Probably pretty fun.
  13. T's faster quicker and nicer
  14. T's faster quicker and nicer
  15. Everybody wants the TRex because it's stats are better. But this looks so much better and you could almost three of them for the money you had to spend on one T-Rex. So, you would buy this one, wouldn't you?
  16. well there both cool cars but i would take neither what if your going through a intersection and some drunk guy t-bones you? your going to get seriously injured or even worse killed. i think ill take my chances in a real car as cool as these thing are they are both unpractical.
  17. cool. i didn't know VW made go-karts.
  18. i'd take the VW. t-rex sounds like it's better but how much of an after market is out there for it. VW has a big performance following, and thats just for drivetrains not full cars. anyone else getting my point?
  19. in this thing? one person already posted saying there dumb, he couldn't even see it. and that was the t-rex which from the sounds is taller than the VW. that drunk won't even know he hit anything till he's in court for vehicular manslaughter.
  20. considering that there both free id take the T-Rex they both look good though
  21. Gotta say that the T-Rex is a beauty and far more attractive than the GX3.
    But then, the T-Rex is boutique toy that costs four times as much as the factory-build VW! At 17K ameribucks,how can you even compare these two machines? It's like some boob in a Ferrari pulling up to a traffic light next to a kid in a Geo Meto and revving his motor like he wants to race. Pathetic!
    Performance-wise, they are somewhat similar (maybe the T-Rex has a slight edge), but when you come right down to it, they are remarkably similar in go-juice and quarter times.
    But they are also both fair-weather vehicles, at least in the initial configuration.
    As a long-time motorcyclist, let me tell you that there are few things quite as infuriating as sitting in a traffic jam on (or in) your really cool machine, getting soaked to the skin through your supposedly "waterproof" raingear, while some slob in his dented grocery-getter mommypod just in front of you sips his frappucino and listens to Vivaldi with the heat on.
    Also, I have no problem wearing a helmet (since both these vehicles are classed as motorcycles and Georgia is a helmet state),personally. But anyone who has ever caught a rock or a large bug in the face at 75 mph can tell you that it is no fun at all, and a helmet with a face shield is a little much for an enclosed vehicle. As low as both these vehicles sit, they need windscreens desperately to fend off the odd bit of gravel or cicaeda. BTW, I know that the T-Rex offers an optional windscreen. I hope the GX3 follows suit.
    I have contacted my local (Savannah, GA)VW dealer about the GX3, and I told them that I was interested, with the caveat that it needs a windscreen and a minimal roof of some kind. Otherwise, I'll have to stick with my Mercedes.
  22. Volkswagen GX3 .

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