This or the 1970 Camaro

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  1. The unsolvable debate continues... Personally, my vote goes for the Firebird. Could be because I'm biased. But I don't think the 1970 Camaro was nearly as nice as the '69, and I think the 1970 Firebird is better looking than the '69.
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    This is a hell of a lot better
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    Nah, I think if you put this engine into a 98'-02' Trans Am it'd be awsome!
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    yeah it's too bad the firebird is retired. of course my vote will always go for the firebird/trans-am
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    Camaros are cool. I mean heck, they're basically the same car, but as far as looks go, I'd have to choose the Firebird. Besides, this car looks way sweet.
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    The bird has much better looks and handling in my opinion
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    Trans Am will always be nicer in my book. It is NOT the same as the Camaro. Remember this was 1970 NOT 2000. Pontiac ONLY built Big Block motors, every engine out of pontiacs plants then, I will repeat BACK THEN was a Big Block. Chevy made the Small block 400. The block had problems because the bores were too large and the small block 400 was discontinued. it started life as a 265 V-8, then a 283, 300, 302, 305, 307, (316 RARE truck motor that never made it), 327, 340, 348, 350, and at last the 400. It's water jackets passages never flowed correctly, and heated the block too fast becaus ethe bore was WIDE, thus eventually cracking the block under normal ware. BUT the 350 Camaro, and the Mighty 396/402 big Block will romp all over you! My friend owned a 1970 402, 4 speed. Here's the rule he had. Get in, sit down, shut up, seatbelt on, hold tight, and wet pants. In that order! It was so much fun cruisin with that car. An SS, black with red stripes, unusual color combo. Kinda like Cindy Lauper LOL! Thanks guys!

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  9. Trans Am for sure.

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