This or the Mclaren F1

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  1. Please back me up, in settling a arguement. My friends think that this is better than the Mclaren F1, because of the supposed stats, but its just a concept, so the stats would probably be an estimate. I think the Mclaren F1 will corner better than this as well. What do you think?
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    Handling is unknown, but the MF1 would DEFINITELY have its way with this.
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    Straight line I would say that the GT-90 would win but when you put it on the track against a street racecar such as the Mclaren F1 that would be a challenge that it would lose.
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    I'd say the GT90. The design is original and not like all the Mclarens, Lambos, and Farreis. The GT90 is also one of a kind and only a hand full exsist.
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    Yes, but you know full well that the MF1 would be faster around a track than this.
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    McLaren F1 over this anyday.
    McLaren looks better IMO, and it would probably handle better.
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    I would take this.
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    i think since this is a concpet, it would be unfair to judge its handling...but i think that this vs. the mclaren f1 would definately be a close race...

    personally, i would take a batmobile over either of these cars...<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    i like this more. but i love both of them
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    you can buy a mclaren f1, not this 90 never went out...
    we, european, we made a supercar drivable and that u can buy...
    bugatti veyron 1001 horses, 4 turbos, 0-300 kph 13 secondes...
    any questions??
    gt 90 was THE american supercar...sorry to say that usa is now far away in question of car production...
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    The McLaren F1 would rape the shit out of any FORD ever made with out even going out of first gear
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    Id take this if I were to drag. but Id take the F1 for everything else, including looks.
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    considering its a concept you cant really 'take' it anywhere. the other car you could have chosen is actually attainable. this is not
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    gt90 looks better but quad v-12, a little over 700horses? I'll take the F1, a real v-12 making close to 700horses!!! that's real power
  15. The GT90 looks futuristic, esp for its time, but I don't like the back part... and the McLaren probably has better performance
  16. i draw this better, so this
  17. how did the picture came out
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  19. I'd rathre have the McLaren b/c it would probably be more fun to drive, more reliable, and faster at the track (as opposed to a dragstirp). It is also much lighter than this fat pig. However, while I like the styling of the F1 LM, the regular f1 is one of the most boring supercars on the planet. This looks awesome. It also has a nice interior, which the McLaren does not.
  20. At least you admited that the normal McLaren is shit boring, respect to you.
  22. The McLaren F1 is a totally boring car all round, only speed is going for it, and the Veyron owned it there.

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