This really isn't a car forum

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by T6Turbo, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. So, I know that I am new to and whatnot, and I was aware of this when I joined/am perfectly fine with it. I just really wanted to point out the fact that the general chat is BY FAR the most used part of this site. In fact it seems like the suggestions and bugs section is more frequented than most of the other ones.

    Once again, not necessarily a bad thing, but just an amusing observation.

  2. The car fora used to be very active, but the main people who post on here grew out of cars so they are not as active anymore.
  3. 5 years ago it was a lot more "bustling"
  4. That's good because I don't need to spend an astronomical amount of time on here to keep up on stuff.
  5. A website consisting out of people that used to be into cars

    edit: I still really enjoy cars, however, just have never really been into 'super'cars
  6. you come for the car information but stay for the embittered #%$gotry.
  7. Second acount. So obvious pff
  8. i'm not sure
  9. I'm sorry that you feel that way.
  10. How come you never talk about having anal sex anymore
  11. haha
  12. i still love cars, but i talk about them elsewhere. this forum is just a fun crowd with a bit of car interest thrown in.
  13. I liked moosquads analogy about bridge club i think it was
  14. came for the cars
    stayed for the lulz
  16. I vaguely remember this
  17. i try to post car news threads every now and then, but im just not into that
    most of us have grown out of the whole "arguing about cars on the internet" thing.
    so whenever there is a thread about some new car, the only thing people discuss is how it looks
    no one really gives a shit about much else.

  18. the last crash was what really hurt the region forums
  19. I like new Volvo man
  20. stangman is becoming a bit like ajzahn I find
  21. every major crash really, im surprised this site actually works.

    like james said, used to be new posts every minute at least
  22. yeah i used to only post in the car forums pre-crash and there were enough threads constantly going to only post there
  23. i wish i could remember it, but yeah it was pretty good
  25. Because I rather do it than talk about it you idiot

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