This thing is great..

Discussion in '1969 Nissan Skyline 2000GTR' started by The Boss, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. There's alot of childish threads bashing this car, so I thought I'd make my own praise to it:

    Tons of horsepower for 1969, and for that engine size as well..

    Looks like a fun little thing to drive, and an attractive styling too!<!-- Signature -->
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    TONS OF HORSEPOWER FOR 1969!?!!?!? what are u high?, that was the height of the muscle car age, u obviously havent heard of hemis, 454s, 427s, 409s, 440 magnum, or 383 magnum, these engnes were puttin out between 300-425 hp each, and u could get these engines in almsot any car u wanted. And attractive styling? u must have not seen any american car form that era, have u ever seen the datsun B-210 this and that looks like it was designed by a 4 year old, jap cars were crap in the 60s so what are u smoking?
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    I'm sorry bro, but that car is UGLY.
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    Tons of horsepower for 1969, and for that engine size as well..
    -- VICIOUS

    Yeah right!!! Where were you born? The Chevelle, Charger, Mustang, GTO, Corvette, ect ect. THese all are 29475603947562039475 times better than that peice of junk. Thats a tiny engine also.

    Chevelle: 350, 396
    Mustang: 289, 302, 351, and a few 428 Cobra Jet

    These out - everything this bucket.
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    Sure they we're crap? Where was your american cars when this car beat the Porsches? Uhhh No where? I thought so, Maybe your American cars could of had all the power but I really doubt that they would be able to touch this car around a race track
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    ****, its ugly, and my mom's 85' Corolla can beat this
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    Maybe he thought it has lots of power for a little car like that in 60's if he lived in some country where they didnt have so much american cars. In finland i have seen only One mitsubishi 3000gt, Nissan 300zx, Jaguar XJR Coupe, Mitsubishi Galant with FAG - 911 license plate on it etc...No Skylines or NSX's and only 3 60's mustangs....
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    No dummy, he meant tons of horsepower for that engine size.
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    show me something that shows a comparison of this and a porsche
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    1970 CHevelle SS 454 had 475 HP

    and older the AC Cobra would EAAAATTT THIS ALIVE!!!!
  11. I have replied to many threads with big long paragraphs stating why I hate this car, cause I've been in it first hand. But you Skyline Fanboys are all the same. Thinking it's the greatest car on the earth. Well it's not, it's small, poor design, horrible visibility, slow (top speed is like 70MPH), and worst yet it's handling and braking is abomonal. I was in that exact car in the pic except the one I rode in was green. It sounds worse then a Civic and looks like shit. Read some of the other threads for my replies and find out more about the car. It's a total POS for the history of a "Japanese Supercar".
  12. By the way, it has a 4-Speed Manual.

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