this thing is illegal

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by M3 ALL THE WAY, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. i recently got this car 4 percent tint all around. You can't see into it at all. I will get pulled over soon.
  2. No one wants to look at you anyway.
  3. nigga please.
  4. more like i dont want anyone to see me getting road head

    it was car wash day
  5. Why did you get the fronts 4%?
    Shoulds got 35% up there to look a little less suspicious.
  6. shit these pics are way too huge
  7. yeah i really should have.. 4 percent is way too much unless its a bright sunny day--even then you cant see into the car. at night i can only see dim headlights following me.
  8. you are illegal? :S
  9. Jesus. I hope you do get pulled over, and fined heavily.
  11. From your boyfriend
  12. keep tippin'
  14. From your boyfriend.
  16. From your boyfriend.
  17. From your boyfriend.
  18. From your boyfriend.
  19. From your boyfriend.
  20. From your boyfriend
  21. Some mexicanos down the street were tinting their windows, It looked like shit.
  22. illegitimate.
  23. From your boyfriend.
  24. haha you guys im really drunk and im #$%#ing cracking up thank you
  25. iv been drinking #$%#in jack daniels all night there are fuc king three beolow par hos here its really pissing me off

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