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    sorry..... this vs 350Z, I dont know alot about the 2 so im interested to find out some info on them if u guys have any
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    350z, thats all i'm gonna say
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    I'm gonna have to say, this thing. I'm a Nissan man, but at this point in time, I'd Rather own this car, I like the whole 4 door 75-85% sports car idea. This car will be slower at first, but still a 1.3 litre 250HP engine? Coolness. Not much torque though, but it redlines at 9000RPMs.

    I bet this car is simply more fun than the 350Z. In fact I'm certian it's more fun. Better on Gas, and more interior room (FACT!), cheaper I bet to, better shifter (since the old miatas, there shifters have been great). This car is uglier though.
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    RX8 - Better gas mileage, Better looks (IMO), more HP/l, more seats, better interior materials, better handling and braking.
    350z - Faster and more reliable engine if Renesis is like FD. But probably reliability is somewhere the same this time.

    I'd take RX8 over 350z and RX8 over its real competitor G35c.
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    Same here.
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    Nissan Z because you look rich driving one and because it was its first year and Car & Driver put it on the 10 best list
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    The Z is probably a snick faster and is more sticky because it's only a coupe, But I'll still choose the RX8.
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    To whoever commented on the engine in the 350Z being more reliable than the rotary in this: The engines from the old RX-7s were very reliable if properly maintained, which is one reason they were used in so many applications of racing.
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    The 350z will be faster. The rx-8 will be roomier. The 350z is slightly more expensive. The rx-8 has less options. Both have an interesting look and appel to different tastes. In this subnect i would say its whatever u are looking for...i would say the 350z.
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    Ive been in the 350z and my friend just got the RX-8 and no doubt to me itd be the RX-8. I used to love the 350Z but then i sat inside and it disapointed me.. the RX-8 interior is beautiful, and that car sounds great. Exterior id still chose the 350Z but over all the RX-8 is betta, plus it fits 4 people... 350Z is only 2.. that could cause many problems, in the practicle world.
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    Both are very nice cars with good perfomance but since I'm kind of into Mazda I must choose the RX-8. I also think that this looks better than the 350Z. Nothing bad about that car, it's great but the Mazda's better, and rotary enginges rule.
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    Well, hard to say considering the wonderful look of the 350Z.
    But if it is about 350Z and Mazdaspeed RX-8, I would go for RX-8. =D
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    350zs going to end up faster off the line , but because of the hp (250)/displacment (1.3L) ratio the i think that the RX-8s better. Its also lighter so it would get the 350z around the corner. But the 350z probaly faster in a drag.

    I dont know if any one has said anything about this but, I was reading Car and Driver and they said that it might have set a new record for hp/displacment ratio. Beating the S200 I beleave it was. How ever they are debating over weather that is fare since the 8s got a rotary and the 2000 dosent. If you have any information onit that would be cool to share .
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    I own an RX-8. Not as powerful or as fast as the Z, but it gets me to and from school everyday, it's a head turner and, heh, it's Mazda. Call me when Nissan wins Le Mans. RX-8 forever. End communication.
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    the 350z and the g35 are like the same car

    id go with the 350z

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