This vs Ford GT

Discussion in '2005 Superformance SPF GT' started by Blitzfeur, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Which would you choose?
  2. I'd take the SPF GT I have actually sat in and rode in one of these cars with well known race car driver Dennis Olthof in N.C. . And I belive he had a Rousch 427 in it which sounded awsome. And they arent expensive. With out the engine its $65,000 and with the engine transmission is from $80,000 - $90,000. And it has 520 hp even though not more than the Ford GT I'd still take it. Just a thought..
  3. I'll take this one, almost the same power, but almost 1000 lbs less than the new one. I believe Carroll Shelby even likes Superformance as well...

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