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  1. Ide get the h1, it looks tougher.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    The "H1" is actually made to go off road, thats why. The H2 loses the entire idea of the hummer in the first place. Wide stance, LOW profile, short body while maintaining 15 inches of ground clearance. This is just another SUV people buy to look cool, so I guess its the same thing as an H1 though, cause its not like anyone uses them offroad. Still its a disgrace to the Hummer name
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    Its still the biggest SUV (besides H1) that is built for civilian use. Plus, its a lot smoother of a ride and doesnt have the loud diesel engine in it
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    Minimun ground clearence of 10 inches, 35 inch tires, two-speed electrically controlled full-time 4WD, capable of reducing the vehicle's gear ratios by 2.64:1 when necessary, provides a 40/60 percent front-to-rear torque split in "High Open" mode, A specially designed low-range throttle progression allows the driver to precisely control engine speed during very rough terrain driving, Single Wheel traction control system, the chassis specially tuned for superior off-road performance, self-leveling air spring suspension, skid plates, THIS WAS BUILT TO BE THE MORE CIVILIZED TRUCH THAN THE H1 BUT WITHOUT LOSING OFF-ROAD CAPIBILITY!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah thats a disgrace to Hummer WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!! You do not own one so YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I do own one by the way.
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    i partly agree with gamer. it is for civilian use so they sell more. but it would suk in off road. think about what marinies put the old ones threw. h2 cant do it
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    H1, H2 looks like a joke
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    good point
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    The H1.
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    The H1 is tougher, considering it uses iron diffs, and an iron transfercase. What i find funny is that the H2 has the exact same chassis as a 1-ton chevy pickup. Same front independent suspension and ALUMINUM diff, same rear axl, same transfercase, hell, same engine, same transmission. Should i go on? Don't get me wrong, I love the H2, I just wish it was more Hummer and less GM.
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    I think the H1 has the best suspension ever in a truck.
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    I think the H1 has the best suspension ever in a truck.
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    H1... H2 is for retired city people!
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    Overall I would pic da H 1, da h2 look really cool but it doesnt have the power and strength of da h1. da only thing i heard of about da h2 is that it can climb a 6 inch vertical wall if u got any other info please send me!!!
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    Gimme an h1....with a flat enamel paint job, no doors, and a roof-mounted high caliber machine gun.
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    GM obviously had a good idea by making the Hummer H2 more affordable, they've sold like crazy. I see way many more H2s on the road than H1s. And what company doesn't want to make big profit?
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    The H2 is a city car and wouldn't last 10 minutes off road.
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    Definably the H1. The H2 is built on the standard GMC truck chassis, nothing special…
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    The H1 fo sure cuz it's better, tougher and rarer to see driving down the road!!!
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    H1 all the way. Massive tires, killer ground clearence, insane durability, and a very kickass diesel engine... Gotta love the sound of a big diesel.
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    figures some idiot would post this. it's pretty obvious just by looking at the H1 and H2 they're in different segments. just because they share a name...........

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