this vs. honda civic SIR

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by cars_rock88, Dec 9, 2002.

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    people compairing the lightning concept to the SRT-10 always complain about ford using forced induction, time for some payback...
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    No they're not, they're incredibly well designed.

    a few examples: Civic Type-R - one of the fastest cars, and best around a track for its class.

    Civic Si - Great platform for a race car at a very affordable price

    Civic Hybrid - a hybrid that gets 61mpg (city), is incredibly comfortable to drive, more advanced than just about any other car on the road today. And (unlike most hybrids) drives like any other 4-cylinder family sedan (ie: doesn't feel any more underpowered or weak than your typical base model gas powered family sedan, unlike all other hybrids), not to mention it meets 2006 ULEV status, which no other 4-door sedan even comes close to.

    All Civics - very high quality cars at an affordable price, with an engine that will last forever.
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    when will people learn huh pass. its not the civic that sucks, its the people that drive them.
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    Hey, I hope you're referring to rycers. Cuz I drive one, I race with one (legally), and I certainly don't suck anything.
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    password please i thought u said u had an srt-4... how many cars do u have?.....i think ur lieing about what u have
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    I NEVER said I have an SRT-4, why would I, while it's a quick car, I certainly wouldn't want one.

    I own ONE car, and that's a 1990 Civic Si, I rally race with it, and I intend to drop a K20A under the hood someday and turn it into an AWD.

    Where did you EVER get the Idea that I said that I have an SRT-4???

    Don't try to put words in my mouth.
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    civics are point A to point B economy cars that are not fast nor sporty. stop wasting ur money on hooking these shit boxes up. plus they are ugly. whens the last time u heard a girl say..."omg!! that civic is sooo phat..please take me for a ride in it!" well ive gotton that several times in my mustang gt convertible. go stick those ugly wings in ur trash can cuz they do not help with downforce when ur car cant take corners faster than 10mph. and do u honestly like the sound of those riccce burner mufflers???? it sounds like shit. i love it when my flowmasters set ur alarms off as i drive through parking lots, haha. next time i see a civic with a 9inch wide round gonna kick it in....well not really..i dont ^$&* with other peoples cars..that aint cool.
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    Didn't I just read this post in another topic?.....Why don't you think of something intelligent to say rather than copying and pasting the same stupid drivel over and over again.

    Dude, try taking your Mustang on a twisty road fast.....and watch in despair as a white EF Civic Si flies past you going 3 times faster than you.....Dude, Mustangs can't handle all that well, for a sports car, Civics on the other hand, while being classed as passenger cars, are light, nimble, quick, and can go through a series of corners much quicker. I've seen Mustangs all too often spin out, or slide across the road in corners at speeds I could take the corner at with my eyes closed.
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    this would kill it.

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    exactly what i mean.
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    compare this to the type r instead. the type r would kill.
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    The Focus would kill the SIR any day.. I personally dont like Focus styling much though.. but its alright i guess

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