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  1. id go for the McLaren
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    hmmm...the McLaren has 200 lbs on the saleen, but the S7 has more torque, and at lower rpms. both handle exceptionally well. i'd go with the S7. it edges out a murcielago, and i'd be willing to bet all my money on the Saleen.
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    I guess the mclaren f1, but this car has more sownforce. So if it's a twisty course, this car would be one hell of a challenge.
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    forsure, the saleen. imo, the mclaren is now out of date, and being challenged and beaten by cars half its price (i.e. the S7). and the saleen looks alot better. the only thing the mclaren has over the saleen is exclusivity. not many people have S7s, but almost none have mclarens. and the fact that it has a legendary motor (atleast in displacement terms) is just icing on the cake. 427 V8. gotta love that
  6. All you guys are Idiots, the McLaren F1 will kill the S7:

    The price does'nt mean SHIT! its $1,000,000 cause its an exclusive, super rare, and beautiful looking car!!! It's flawless, the ultimate and practical supercar!!!

    The McLaren F1 also looks WAY BETTER than the Saleen too.

    check out the 1994 Porsche Dauer 962 LM!!!
    IT WILL SLAUGHTER this car, and its the greatest car ever made.
    why don't you take a GOOD LOOK at its specs!!!
  7. No, the regular McLaren F1 has a overly soft suspension, it will get a lot of weight transfer in the turns, resulting in sliding, resulting in loss of speed.

    The Saleen also produces over twice as much downforce.

    Though the F1 will dominate in the straights.

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