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  1. That be a good comparison as both of the cars got the same power and they are both rear wheel drive, they are also aimed at the same kind of market. IMO the BMW M6 would win.
  2. Although I'm a BMW fan at heart, I would probably take the Mercedes in this comparison.
  3. SL55 AMG, quick in straight line, m6 quick round the corners,
    SL55 AMG, GT cruiser, m6 weekend track tool.

    SL55 AMG for the Weekdays

    M6 for the weekends
  4. I agree wiv Stylus K AUS
  5. Are you crazy? Even the SL600 can mash this up..
    SL600 is automatic, a convertible, and weighs almost 500 pounds more than M6, will do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, potentially the fastest cabrio in the world than the already claimed Ferrari 575M Super America, and if it gets unchipped will do 200+ mph for sure. M6 and SL600 claim the same amount of HP almost so that's why I'm comparing, plus Benz has style, M6 looks handicapped, but atleast it looks better than the 7-series.

    2005 F1 Season manufacturer results

    Champion Driver - Obviously Schumi, Fisichella runner up :p
  6. Good in a straight line, but a little crazy. Was getting my old mna's car fixed and talked to one of the dudes at the dealer (merc dealer) and he said the car is undrivable with traction control off. Also, what's with the trolly wheels?

    I even saw a brand new black SL65 with 19 inch alloys, which were only 285's and at a guess would be 9.5' or so. WTF? it produces more torque than a lambo, yet it runs waaaaaaay skinnnier wheels at the back?

    SL55, 700nm, 18 X 9.5 at the rear

    Murcielago, 650nm, 18 X 13 at the rear

    FFS!, the wheels were skinnier than the rear wheels on a porsche carrera! how can MB expect for this and the sl65 to put rubber to tarmac? Someone ought to look at that. If the car cannot be driven without electronic aids, i.e. traction control, then they should do some more suspension, wheel, tyre work. Basic newtonian physics stuff.

    The M6 is peaky enough that you can put all that power on the road, without worrying about simultaneously ripping the tyres off the wheels and the tarmac off the road.

    Still, i luuuuuv both.
  7. Being a Benz fanboy, I'll go with the SL55.
  8. M6 in blue.
  9. id say the SL55, after they have both picked up speed the M6 will be gasping for air but the supercharged SL55 wont. But id expect handeling from the m6 to be batter but then again the SL55 aint that bad either.
  10. Mmm M6 in blue,
  11. Uhhh... 3.6 seconds for the sl600? i don't think so. And since when was an automatic gearbox good?

    Oh, and last time I checked, 500 extra pounds doesn't really make you go faster, unless you're going down a steep hill in neutral.

  12. Just as long as you know that the Car and Driver test that got the 3.6 was a modded car
  13. Both damn fine cars in their own right with cutting edge style, awesome brutality and subtle finesse.

    No reason at all not to have one of each.
  14. SL55 AMG! Nah, SERiously!I'm not much of a BMW fan, but the lines on this M6 is pretty cool.The GT-R version though.BUT, unfortunately SL55 will win.

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