This vs. Modern LMP 1 cars

Discussion in '1990 Sauber-Mercedes C11' started by zzUltimaGTRzz, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Let's use the Audi R10 as an example. The C11 weighs 1995 lbs and has 950 hp. The Audi weighs 2039 lbs and has just 650 hp. The C11's aerodynamic package has less drag than that of the Audi (because it was designed for the high speed muslanne straight), but the Audi's package has more downforce. The Audi has a faster transmission, but I don't know which has grippier tires. The torque figure for the C11 isn't quoted, but it's considerably less than the diesel Audi's 811 lb ft.

    So the question is: would the Audi's modern technology and huge torque be enough to make up for its power deficiency? How close would these two be on a well rounded track such as Silverstone? Does anyone have lap times to back it up?
  2. this thing is a good competition for lmp1 racecars but the audi could beat it on a curvy track
  3. Unfortunately, no I don't but regradless of that this would make one helluva contest, though.

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