this vs porsche boxster

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by love of cars, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. who do you think would win?
    im going with the s2000

    (i think i cheated...i've got a video on my computer of a boxster speeding by and the s2000 catches up to him and passes him.....oops....)<!-- Signature -->
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    S2000 would win Boxster and Boxster S would win S2000 (close)
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    $rry 4|| |_| Porsche Boxster F4|\|$ B|_|+ +|-|3 S2000 \/\/0|_|1d \/\/i|\|.
  4. What's more of a chick magnet? s2000 or boxster?

    s2k all the way in performance. I can get a used boxster for 20,000 thats a good price for such a cool car.

    What's more of a chick magnet? s2000 or boxster?
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    boxter would probably be more of a chik magnet just cause you can see a honda at every corner but when you tell a girl you drive a porsche, there's no comparison.. and yes i would rather have a s2k just cause there's more of a chance i could afford that car than the boxter and because it's way more everything for the buck. the porsche is nice too.. but expensive.. it's cause of the name. almost all german cars are too overpriced for their performance. i'm not too sure on the boxter's stats but i would have never thought they'd be even comparable but i guess they are. if i were given one for free, i think i'd take a boxter cause they look wicked sick.
  6. You can see an s2000 every street corner? Not where i'm from.

    Boxter's are slower than s2k's everyone knows that. The s would barely beat the s2k, stock
    vs stock. But look at the price.

    Boxter does not look like a real porsche, just like the 944's, IMO.

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