This Vs the Ultima GTR kitcar

Discussion in '2004 Orca C113' started by bbcstachas2, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. i think the Ultima would win because the performance is much better than that of the Enzo.
  2. We would have to see how this car performs on the track. The Ultima doesnt have better performance than the Enzo, it has very similar performance depending on what type of engine you put into it. The Ultima has a really bad tendancy to understeer. So we will see once some track reviews come out.
  3. this is no interesting discussion
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  5. Both cars are much better than the Enzo. The Ultima has a similar weight and much more power (720 hp vs. 641 hp). It's got a race-proven chassis with 1.17g grip. The Ultima would win.
  6. If you think the Ultima doesn't have better performance than the Enzo, then how do you explain its blistering lap of the Top Gear test track and its world record numbers in 0-60 acceleration, 0-100, 0-100-0, skidpad G, etc. etc. etc.

    The Enzo doesn't come close to the Ultima.

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